In Perspective: Weeks Forty-One – Forty-Four

It seems that these weeks are flying by! It was just over a month ago that I updated last and here we are again.

We were thrilled to go on the Jr. High Fall Retreat with Joshua and Abby Kate again this year. As always, we had the best time and enjoyed being together with everyone. We all came home a little tired and it took me a little longer to feel back to normal, but I guess that’s just age catching up with me.

Jr. High Fall Retreat
Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag Selfie

For some reason, I decided to try my hand at painting again. I don’t know why I always think that I can do this, but I do. I took a before picture and will need to get a picture of my finished product later. Needless to say, I should just stay away from the paints.

My blank canvas

We enjoyed dinner and a ghost tour with our life group one Friday night. We had the best time together and I loved hearing more stories of our downtown area.

Downtown Ghost Tour
Some handsome guy got my phone. Little does he know that I tend to post these kind of things.

We had the coldest Autumn Fest a few Sundays ago! Jason and I enjoyed handing out candy at our Trunk or Treat and the kids loved helping too.

Autumn Fest Fun!

For Halloween this year, we had our friends over and we feasted on chili (with noodles)! Jackson had decided early on not to go trick or treating this year. As the sun was going down, he quickly changed his mind. I took him around the neighborhood and he had so much fun! I’m glad that he did this for another year! Joshua and Abby Kate had fun handing out the candy at the house while we all watched the World Series.

First batch of chili on Halloween
Jackson’s Halloween costume for the 2017 year. He eventually settled on being Christopher Columbus!

Last week, we all celebrated Jason’s birthday! We went out for dinner at Connor’s and then to see the new Thor movie at our favorite theater! We had fun making the most of Jason’s birthday and spending time together as a family.

Celebrating Jason’s birthday!
We sure do love this guy!

This past Wednesday, Jackson and I headed to Montgomery for his field trip. We had an early morning (up at 4 AM), but really enjoyed our time together. We visited the Capitol building, the Alabama State House, and the Rosa Parks Library and Museum before returning home later that night.

Heading to Montgomery on Jackson’s 4th grade field trip.

Jackson found a good seat to vote in the Alabama State House.

This Friday, we went camping with some friends. We had the best time, but it was so cold! I’ve been catching up on all of our laundry and some sleep that I missed out on this week.

Our camp set up for the night
I have been wanting an electric blanket for several weeks now. Sadie really likes it too!

In Perspective: Weeks Thirty-Seven – Forty

This past month has flown by! I’ve posted some pictures to help us remember all the fun we had!

Abby Kate continues to do so well in her swim meets. She has shaved 6 seconds off of her time since we started our meets a little over 4 weeks ago.

Abby Kate swimming the 50 free style.

Joshua finished up his fall travel ball season yesterday. He is continuing to work on pitching from 60 feet. In the tournament yesterday, he had two singles, a double, and a triple throughout the day (3 games).

Joshua is always playing ball on or off the field.
I always enjoy watching this boy pitch in the game he loves.
After playing 5 games, Joshua’s team walked away with 2nd place a couple of weeks ago!
God’s beautiful creation!

For Fall Break this year our family decided to stay close to home. (4th set of braces. Need I say more. 🙂 ) We used our season pass and took a day trip to Rock City. We can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas.

Seeing Rock City
Rock City with my guy!
My guys
I love this boy of mine! He is getting bigger each day!

The next day we packed up our gear and headed up to Monte Sano to camp. We had so much fun! I’m not sure Sadie had a good time, but she did okay. I know these years are going by so quickly. I am thankful that Jason set aside the time to take our family to camp. It definitely would have been easier to stay home, but the memories we made will last forever.

Our home under the stars.
This girl loves to read. I was doing the same thing.
Jason taking care of the grill for us.
Who doesn’t love s’mores?!?
Jackson found the comics and decided to read them by flashlight at our camp.
Nothing better than an ice cream cone and a 5 cent coke from Reeve’s Drug Store in Pulaski, Tennessee!

A highlight for our family last week was Abby Kate’s baptism. I plan on doing a separate post with pictures and more. Stay tuned. 🙂

Such a beautiful young lady!
Abby Kate’s baptism Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sometimes something weird happens….

What in the world is going on with this crazy short hair that is sticking up on top of my head?
This is what we do before school when they release a new Star Wars movie trailer.

This week Jason and I saw 2 concerts in Nashville. We realized a few months back that this week would be a busy one. I love seeing live music and I love seeing live music with Jason even more! Our first date was to see a concert at Starwood Amphitheater. Needless to say, we’ve seen lots of artists through the years on the stage.

Super excited to see Jason Isbell at The Ryman!
We went to the store to fill our empty refrigerator and pantry. This is what our buggy looks like every 3-4 days when we leave the store. Apparently we were out of drinks on this run.
Jackson and his Mimi excited about spending Saturday night together.
Excited to see Chris Stapleton in Nashville!
Chris Stapleton


In Perspective: Week Thirty-Six

What a fun week this turned out to be! We spent the first part of the week out of school on Monday and Tuesday. We took avantange of being home and made the most of our time. I caught up on all the household chores and found myself making different things in the kitchen. I was also able to get ahead on some of my lesson plans and school stuff. 

We returned to school on Wednesday and Nana took Joshua to get his braces. Joshua makes the 4th set of braces for our children. He’s been hurting, but he’s finally back to eating! 

On Thursday night Joshua had middle school baseball tryouts. We found out Friday morning that he made the team!! He is beyond excited and we are so proud of him!!

We’ve had a great weekend. We attended the football game on Friday night and I spent yesterday running a few errands and marking things off my chore list around the house. Jackson was excited to clean out the aquarium. It took some time, but it was all worth it. Our little baby fish are doing quite nicely and are getting bigger each day. Jackson loves making sure that Mango, Allison, Juliet, and George are okay. 

We enjoyed a nice Sunday today. Jason started a new series at church that I am really looking forward to. I always enjoy listening to him preach. 

The kids have had fun together at home this weekend. Abby Kate has been working on a school project and has been SO helpful around the house. I found Joshua getting in some more swings this afternoon. 

We have a busy week ahead, but it’s going to be fun! 

In Perspective: Weeks Thirty-Four – Thirty-Five

We started out our last two weeks with a Friend’s Day at church. It was a great day spent in worship with our church family. Jason got in the dunking booth and was a good sport as several kids dunked him. I only wish I had a picture. 

Jackson visited our eye doctor and we found out he is far-sighted. He’s been struggling with headaches for awhile now. Maybe this will help him. He sure does look handsome to me. 

Joshua had three teeth pulled to prepare his mouth for braces. He enjoyed “Mr. Nose,” but by the time I got him home, he was in so much pain. Thankfully, the cold tea bag and Motrin took care of his bleeding and pain. After that, we had a good evening at home. 

This past Wednesday, Nana drove up to Tennessee and picked up Mimi. Mimi came down for Grandparents’ Day and we were happy to have her here with us a few days early. I think we might’ve worn her out. 

On Friday, our school celebrated Grandparents’ Day. Jackson was so delighted to have both Nana and Mimi there to share in the day. 

Joshua got back into the swing of things with his first tournament of the fall season. The weather was perfect and Joshua had a great day on the field. He pitched 3 innings, giving up 1 run on 2 hits and struck out 4 batters. And at the plate, he was 1 for 2 with an RBI single.

In Perspective: Week Thirty-Three

We had such a fun week! Monday was the big Solar Eclipse. I was super excited to watch the eclipse with my family! I found all the pictures, news stories, and my view from the backyard fascinating! We had 98% coverage here. I was amazed at the amount of light we still had with only 2% of the sun shining through. It was definitely one of those special moments that we’ll be talking about years from now. 

We successfully completed out our 3rd full week of school and we are definitely getting back into the swing of things. The kids are loving their new classes and teachers. And I’m enjoying my new bunch. 

Jackson went to his first lock-in with our church this year. He really had a great time! Jason and I had a date night while Jackson was at the lock-in. Joshua and Abby Kate had a great time with Nana! Thank you again Nana!

Jason and I enjoyed dinner at one of our favorites – Sam & Greg’s. Afterwards, we spent some time walking around downtown. The weather was so pleasant! It did not feel like August in Alabama. We got to see Jason Isbell in concert Friday night. This was my second time to see him and it was awesome! 

Friday evening was beautiful!

We spent today at church for our annual Friends’ Day. It was a great day of worship followed by dinner on the grounds. Once again Jason found his way into the dunk tank. I wish I had had my phone to get a picture.  

In Perspective: Week Thirty-Two

This week was a big one for Jason and me! This past Monday, August 14th, Jason and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary! These past 18 years have flown by. I am so thankful for the blessing Jason is to me. 

Nana came over Monday afternoon and spent a few hours with the kids (thank you Nana) while Jason and I celebrated over dinner at Connor’s. We’ve tried several fancy places in town, but at the end of the day, we just love a meal from Connor’s.  
Abby Kate started her swim lessons this week. She’s really working hard to build up those leg muscles. I am so proud of her hard work and dedication! 

Yesterday we headed up to Nashville to see Jason’s family. We always get together at Jason’s aunt and uncle’s house for a pool party. We always enjoy our time with family!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the solar eclipse. Everyone has been preparing for the big day. I can’t wait to see it! 

In Perspective: Weeks Thirty & Thirty-One

Well we survived our first 8 days of school! The kids are really enjoying their new grades and teachers. I’m loving being back in the classroom doing what I love to do! I think that I’ve been running on adrenaline because today I hit a wall. I was so tired that I just had to get in a good old fashioned Sunday nap. 

First Day of School

I was finally able to find the time for a little late birthday celebration for Abby Kate. We had a fun time! 

The Birthday Girl

We are looking forward to a new week. We have appointments, practices, and a date night planned. I can’t wait to see where this week leads us.