In Perspective: Week Seven

This week has passed quickly. Jackson and I made our way to PetSmart Monday night and bought a new fish (Carrie Fisher). Unfortunately, we found Carrie and Molly dead in our aquarium when we returned home from school Tuesday afternoon. Jackson is down to 2 fish now (Snowflake and Oreo). We’ve had these 2 fish since the beginning of our aquarium days and we are hoping that they continue to make it.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. We had to take our fish back to PetSmart and decided to wait a little while longer before adding any more fish to our little world. Losing 3 fish in a matter of a few days was pretty traumatic. We took the kids to Shaggy’s for dinner and then on to see The Lego Batman movie. We had a great time and always love a family date night!

Joshua visited his endocrinologist and left with a wonderful report. Since September, Joshua has gained 8 pounds and grew an inch. It is hard to believe that we’ve been making these trips to Birmingham for nearly 10 years. Our little 2 pound guy has done so well over! Jackson also followed up with our doctor and got his stitches removed. He’s happy to have that over with and is still not planning to go anywhere near his pocket knives.

Our weekend was filled with more baseball. Joshua plays his last regular season game this Thursday night. I love watching him play and he is eager to begin playing in tournaments with his travel ball team next month. He pitched 5 innings (in 2 games yesterday) and ended up striking out 10 batters! We all love cheering him on!

We were supposed to go for one night on our Junior High Family Retreat Friday night. Unfortunately I came home Friday with a horrible migraine headache. I felt so bad for the remainder of the day after sleeping off some of the pain. I hate that we missed this special time, but I know there will be more retreats and youth events in our future.

We are looking forward to our day off tomorrow! My cinnamon rolls are rising in the oven and we cannot wait for breakfast!

Some special gifts for our 3 Valentines
Dinner at Shaggy’s
My favorite pitcher

In Perspective: Week Six

What a crazy and emotional week this has been for our little family!

We started out our week heading to the ER Monday night with Jackson. He ended up cutting his leg with one of his pocket knives. I could hear him screaming before he ran into the house. He was more scared than anything else. After he showed me his leg, he asked me to pray for him. I was so proud of him and we spent some time in prayer before calling Jason and getting him into the car. Jackson was so brave and did great getting his stitches. He has 7 stitches and we will get them out later this week.

Jason and I were able to have a date night Friday. We had not been out (just the two of us) since New Years. We enjoyed our time away with dinner at Grille 29 and to see Riverdance. We also had another weekend of watching Joshua play ball. He hit another over the fence home run on Saturday! We all love watching him play and are so proud of him.

Last night was a pretty sad night for Jackson. He found that one of his fish had died. We had been worried about Gill for the past week or so. Jackson took it really hard and so we tried our best to make it all better. He is hoping to get another fish this week to replace his Gill.

We were able to see Joshua play a little more ball today, but the rain came in and they called the game. Abby Kate was invited to a Galentine’s Party with our 6th and 12th grade girls this afternoon. She had a really great time. I am so thankful for our youth group and the ways our older teens seek out opportunities to make the younger girls feel important and loved.

I’m hoping this next week will be pretty laid back. I did not finish a book this week, but I am hoping to have more time to read. I’m also hoping to have some time to crochet. We have a four day school week and we are looking forward to our long weekend.

In Perspective: Week Five

It has been a busy week for our family, but we have enjoyed our time together. I was able to get our breakfast and dinner menu ready for this month. I was really pleased with how my January calendar worked and this month’s menu planning was much easier. I did realize that I needed to allow a little more flexibility to our calendar, so I tried to do that for this month. I do not think we were able to save any money, but I am thankful that I did not have to devote time every week trying to figure out what we were going to eat. I still had to go to the store each week, but that is a sacrifice I was willing to make to make sure we had fresh produce, bread, milk, and eggs.

I did find time to finish another book this week – my total is up to five books. Abby Kate was able to stop using the walker this week and is getting around pretty well now. We started a new Wednesday night parenting series this past week. We also started a new series at church today on the gospel of John. I am looking forward to learning more in these new series at church.

Joshua had a lot of baseball practice this week as he prepared to play for his 6th grade school team and is continuing to prepare for his travel ball season. It made for long days and lots of travel throughout town. Yesterday, he played in his first game. It was so cold outside, but there was no other place that I would rather be. Joshua hit a home run at his first at bat. I was beyond excited for him and he was so proud! He played 2 games yesterday and we had a game this afternoon. He pitched today and looked great out on the mound. He pitched 4 innings and struck out 9 players. Joshua has always loved the game of baseball and can never get enough of it. I will always be his biggest cheerleader in the stands.

Our breakfast and dinner menu for February
These two are always getting on my camera. I always get a laugh when looking at what they have done.
These moments melt my heart.
I love that Abby Kate leaves me notes in my classroom. This one was on my board.
Joshua is excited to be playing on the 6th grade team for his school.
Joshua hit an over the fence home run at his first at bat of the season!
I love watching my favorite pitcher.
Joshua pitched a great game He struck out 9 players in 4 innings.
He loves this game and I love watching him play.

In Perspective: Week Four

This week has flown by and we are now nearing the end of the month of January. I was able to change over the snowmen decorations to Valentine’s decor Friday night. I always love adding little holiday touches to our house. I have enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend and was able to finish my fourth book of the year. I started another read tonight and will enjoy reading it when the time allows. I have my meal planning to do for the month of February. I know how much of my time will go into planning my meals and making my grocery list, so I have been putting it off. I guess that I’ll work on that here shortly.

We are getting ready for a new and busy month. Joshua has been practicing for his school 6th grade baseball team and his travel ball team. He starts his school games this coming weekend. He will be playing 10 games throughout the weekends in February. He is very excited and I am looking forward to seeing him back out on the field.

Jackson is doing really well with his piano lessons. He loves his keyboard that we bought him and loves to practice from his lesson book and make up his own songs. He always enjoys his lessons and is always pleased showing us what he can do. Abby Kate is still doing well with her recovery. The recovery has been a bit harder than the initial surgery recovery, but she is working so hard each day to get stronger. I am proud of her and the way she continues to persevere.

Thankfully, I’ve found it easier to get up in the mornings. After the Christmas break, I quickly found that I needed to put my phone away from my bed each night. I always have a hard time getting up and that one little step has helped me wake up more fully in the mornings to turn off my alarm (and to not wake my sleeping husband). I also love having my phone away from my bedside when going to sleep. It really is amazing how quickly time can get away from you when you have your phone to scroll through. I’ve made it a goal to get away from my phone more and this extra little step has really helped. I did find myself asleep around 9:30 a couple of nights this week though.

The weather this month has been a bit crazy. I am loving that the night is coming a little later each day. I was so surprised to see that some of my daffodils are starting to poke through the soil. For me, I feel like my life can be a little rushed. There is always a to-do list a mile long. There are always meals to be made, errands to run, groceries to buy, and more.  My life very rarely slows down, but I must take the time to allow the important parts of me to bloom when the time is right. I need time to not rush through my daily schedule, but to allow God to speak in those moments when I need to be still.

In Perspective: Week Three

It is hard to believe that we are already in our 3rd week of the New Year. It feels like it has been longer than three weeks, but here we are. This week proved to be a busy one for our little family. The kids and I enjoyed Monday off in observation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. I was able to get caught up from my weekend of being gone and prepare for our full week. After Jason got off of work Monday afternoon, my mom (Thank you, Nana!) came over to the keep the kids while Jason and I headed over to the Space and Rocket Center. They were offering a free pass and a free guest pass for teachers and I was happy to take Jason. The Space and Rocket Center has been hosting an exhibit focusing on The Science of Archimedes for several months now. Jason has wanted to see this exhibit since it first opened and we finally had an opportunity to go and see it. We enjoyed our time at the Space and Rocket Center and ended our time there with a tour of the model of the International Space Station.

We just had to try on a toga and grab a picture.

I sure do love adventures with this man!
I was able to get in a few days of exercise this week. Joshua has loved coming up to the gym with me. He has so much energy and never tires. I had him pose for me on the night that I went to the gym with all of my boys. He sure does have some muscles!

Check out those muscles!
I can get pretty tickled with myself. This week proved no different. One afternoon while out on the playground I looked down and saw that I was wearing a blue sock with my black shoes. My shoes are just gorgeous, right? Ha! I go for comfort when at school on my feet for the majority of the day. Anyways, I got so tickled that I was wearing a blue sock with my black shoes and then I saw my right foot! It made me laugh even harder! I guess that I will take my socks into the bathroom when trying to get dressed in the morning to see. Like I said, it doesn’t take much to get me laughing.

Abby Kate had her 6 week follow up appointment to get her casts off this past Wednesday. It is really amazing how fast these past 6 weeks have gone by. We continue to be so proud of her and all the ways that she has persevered through this ordeal. She is one strong young lady and has not let anything discourage her. She was so excited to get her casts off and after several minutes of cutting, her feet were free. Walking has proved to be very challenging since having her casts off. However, she is just as determined to get around. This time around has been a bit harder, but she continues to keep her smile on her face and try harder.

Abby Kate was ready for those casts to come off!
Jason and I met some friends this week at a place called Local Taco. We shared a taco and some queso that night and absolutely loved it. We had to run some errands on Saturday and Jason asked where we wanted to eat lunch. I couldn’t resist the request for Local Taco! It did not disappoint. If you are local, you should try it out! I cannot wait to go back and try more.

Joshua had baseball practice Saturday and so after lunch, we ran over to Starbucks. I always love any chance to stop in for a drink. Due to an error with their computer system, the lady gave my drink to me for free! I love Starbucks, but I really love free Starbucks! We spent some time at Joshua’s baseball practice and afterwards ran over to Dick’s for new baseball cleats and a new wood bat for Joshua.

I stayed up a little too late this week to finish another book. I have started on another new book and hope to finish it this week. I really missed being at church last week due to the Girls Retreat, but was happy to be there this morning to hear another great sermon from Jason. I am so proud of the man that He is and how he allows God to use him. Joshua and Abby Kate attended a Harlem Globetrotters game with the youth group this afternoon and had a great time. I made my weekly run to the store and spent this afternoon and evening getting all of our fruits and veggies ready.

I love my little family and all of the fun things that we get to do. Some weeks are just ordinary and this week seemed to be a pretty ordinary one. We spent a lot of time at school, a lot of time at church, and a lot of time around the table as a family. And I am thankful!

In Perspective: Week Two

We were able to get back into the swing of our normal school week this second week in January. Everyone is doing really well and we are looking forward to having another four day week of school this next week.

Jackson started taking piano lessons at school. He really enjoyed his first lesson and is excited to practice and learn more. 

Joshua began baseball practice this week. Unfortunately our travel ball team of 5 seasons disbanded. For the first time in 9 years (15 seasons), Jason will not be Joshua’s coach. I know that this new season will be very different, but we are all looking forward to this new opportunity.

I was able to spend some time finishing up “Lost December” and began reading a new book that I received as a Christmas gift. I also spent some more time working on crocheting. I began reading in the book of Luke in my new Bible. Jason bought me a Life Application Bible for Christmas and I have really enjoyed reading the study notes that accompany each verse in the Bible. I love having some breaks in my time to read and work on a craft.

Abby Kate and I were able to attend Abby Kate’s first Girls Retreat in the youth group. It seems like only yesterday that she was a little baby and was there with me when Jason was a youth minister. Abby Kate and I got a little lost while trying to find our retreat site, but it made for some fun memories. We had a great time together building friendships, worshiping God, and learning more about Jesus. I am so very thankful for these opportunities that our children are blessed with at church and for everyone who leads these times.

Our our way to the Girls Retreat
The boys kept busy this weekend watching movies, leading a devotional at an Upward basketball game, hitting lessons, and getting in some more baseball practice. Joshua was able to lead the devotional on Saturday and Jackson said the prayer. I know they had a great time together, but I think they are happy that we are back home.

I made dinners Friday after school for the boys to eat on for Friday and Saturday night. I had plans to make chili for lunch today, but we timed our arrival back into town a little later than I had assumed. Jason and I decided to eat lunch at Sam & Greg’s. I always love their pizza and the weather was unreal. We ended up eating lunch outside and enjoyed getting to catch up from our weekend.

With weather like this, we just had to eat outside today.
I have spent my afternoon and evening getting unpacked and caught up on laundry, cleaning, and making meals. Our monthly meal calendar is going really well. I have moved a few things around, but everything is working out nicely. I am enjoying not having to focus so much of my time on thinking through our menu. I have been to the store twice since my big store run and will need to go back tomorrow to get some specific things for this week.

Last weekend, we were so cold with temperatures below freezing. This weekend was so beautiful and felt like spring. I have noticed the sun staying out a little past 5 o’clock and I am really loving that. Even though it was quite warm outside, I still made chili for dinner tonight. I have always had two chili recipes (one from my mom and one from my dad). I decided to mix the two recipes up tonight and I really enjoyed it.

It may be 65 degrees outside, but it is still winter so I can make chli.

In Persepective: Week One

Welcome 2017!

I am excited about a new year and a new goal for my blog. In 2016, I published a picture a day (with some commentary). This year I am looking forward to publishing a blog a week (In Perspective) and to add more if something exciting happens. I don’t think that I will have a specific day of the week that I will give my weekly perspective, but I am assuming it will come at the end of the week.

Jason and I were able to enjoy some time together in Nashville this past weekend. We had so much fun just the two of us. I was able to get Jason tickets to the Music City Bowl for Christmas. We enjoyed seeing the Vols play at Nissan Stadium, but it was cold. Afterwards we found a Chuy’s and enjoyed a great dinner out. Chuy’s has quickly become one of my favorites, but I only go for the creamy jalapeno dip.

On Saturday, we spent some time at Opryland and took the Delta Riverboat Christmas tour. We also walked around to look at all of the lights. We made it over to the Grand Ole Opry House to see Jason Isbell. Jason has seen Isbell in concert at least 3 other times, but he has never had any success in buying more than one concert ticket. While Jason was in Scotland, he sent me an email about the concert and I was able to get us tickets together for the New Year’s Eve show. I’ve heard Isbell’s music (as Jason plays it quite regularly), but I was just as excited to see him live in concert. I always tell Jason that seeing someone perform live helps me understand and appreciate that musician all the more. We really enjoyed our time at the concert.

Music City Bowl
I love having coffee dates with this guy! That was quite a big cup of joe!
Delta Riverboat Tour at the Opryland Hotel
I always love seeing these lights at the Opryland Hotel.
Jason Isbell Concert at the Grand Ole Opry House

I’ve enjoyed getting back in to the normal routine of our crazy little world. We were able to spend some time with Jason’s family on Sunday before heading back home. Thankfully we had already put our Christmas decorations up before leaving town. It was nice to come home and just get caught up on the “regular” stuff.

For this new month of January, I decided to try something new. Within the last year or so, I’ve constantly been making more and more trips to the grocery store. The bill keeps getting higher and higher too, but I digress. The question of the week is always the same – “What do you want for dinner?” I typically sit down 1-2 times a week to make a menu plan and a grocery list. It seems that I am either planning our meals or making grocery lists and running to the store – all the time. I finally decided to try something new. I sat down this past Monday and made out a meal calendar for dinner and breakfast for the month of January. I also made our grocery list and tried to include several items that I would need in advance. I placed my online order with Walmart (that saved a ton of time) and made a separate list for my fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, and meats to get at Publix. It took forever! But I am thankful that I made my list and that I will only need to go to the store to pick up more milk, eggs, fruits, veggies, and bread within the next few weeks. The jury is still out on this new plan, but so far I am loving it!

We were able to enjoy a snow day here today. It did not snow at all, but we have loved every minute of it! I spent some time reading, did a few chores, finished watching Fixer Upper (we just recently started watching this show), played a game, and finished my puzzle. Sometimes you just need a day at home to do absolutely nothing and today was that day for me.

As a mom and a teacher I am usually going all the time. I have really tried to slow down and savor the days and the moments. Our days are full, but I am trying to be intentional in the way that I go about crossing off that to-do list.

I hope that this new year will be a blessing to you! May God continue to bless us all as we continue to serve him.

We will see how this goes!
We all love watching these fish. Jackson has named them Snowflake, Gill, Molly, and Cookies n’ Cream (or Oreo for short).
We enjoyed playing a few games here on our snow day!
This puzzle took quite awhile, but it sure is pretty.