In Perspective: Weeks Seventeen & Eighteen

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks we have had. I am just now getting around to updating my weekly perspectives. Because I am behind, I’ll get two weeks into one.

Abby Kate got her full set of braces on a couple of weeks ago. We were able to complete Phase One and now we have moved on to a Phase Two. She will have her full set of braces for about 18 months. After a few sore days, she is finally feeling good and is doing so well.

Joshua had an off weekend in his tournament schedule, so we decided to get away for a weekend trip. The Cardinals played a series against Atlanta this past weekend, so we saw it as the perfect opportunity to see the new park and to watch the Cardinals. We made our first stop in Chattanooga on Friday. We saw the Chattanooga Lookouts and about froze. We had a crazy drop in the temperatures and it felt like we were back in February. We work up early on Saturday morning and decided to “See Rock City!” We had such a wonderful time. We had never been and after many suggestions, we were so thrilled that we visited. We upgraded our tickets and got a year pass, so I am looking forward to heading back up there to take in the sights.

Trying to stay dry and warm at the Chattanooga Lookouts Game on Friday night

What a beautiful view!

After visiting Rock City, we drove on down to Atlanta to tour the Coca-Cola Museum. Jackson has really been wanting to visit for some time now, so he was excited that we were going. Jason and I last visited the museum around 2000. They have really upgraded the museum and made it pretty interactive. It was the place to be, as everyone was there. The kids could not wait to taste all the flavors of Coke. I was expecting it to be the same as when we had been before. I remember tasting all of the Cokes from all over the world. They have changed the tasting room to include other Coke products from around the world. That was different, but it was okay. After a few drinks of Coke products, all of the kids started complaining of their tummies hurting. We don’t do many Coke drinks with the kids and we did not limit them on anything in the tasting room. I think they enjoyed it, but definitely had their fill.

The World of Coca-Cola

We saw the Cardinals play the Braves Sunday afternoon. We arrived early to see some batting practice. Joshua caught a few balls from the players and we had fun watching the Cardinals’ pitchers and some other players warming up on the field. The new park is nice, but the concourses aew not big enough. It was so difficult to make it through the crowds. I also spent 30 minutes in line for food, only to be told when I got up to order that they didn’t take the Visa card that I have. That was a big headache and we ended up getting a very late lunch towards the end of the game. The Cards came up with the win after playing for 14 innings!

I love watching baseball with this guy!

We are down to the final few weeks of school. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. The twins are about to be out of elementary school and heading in to middle school! We have a busy summer, but I know we will make the most of every opportunity we have to be together.

In Perspective: Week Sixteen

This sixteenth week brought bronchitis for me. I have had 2 shots, an antibiotic, a breathing treatment, and an inhaler working together to make me well. I’m feeling better, but I still have a pretty nasty cough. It’s been awhile since I have been sick, so it’s been tough trying to slow down. 

The kids had a date night with Nana last night. They had such a fun time with her! I’m thankful for these special times they have together

In other news, I ate fish last night! I despise fish, but I need to switch things up with my meals. Jason occasionally mentions wanting to learn how to cook. I thought “cooking fish” could be his thing. He took me up on my offer and we worked together in the kitchen last night making fish. I couldn’t eat much, but what I did tolerate some. He could not believe that he was making and eating fish in his own house. 

It’s crazy that we are already at the last week of April. This school year is flying by and the end will be here before we know it. 

Photo Cred: Darlene Hall – Mother/Son Banquet
My wedding date at Burritt on the Mountain

In Perspective: Week Fifteen

We had a pretty busy week leading up to Easter. Joshua and Abby Kate performed in “Captain Hook” for their drama production at school. They both did a great job. I was amazed at how nervous I got for them. I was in a lot of plays all through Junior and High School. I would always get a little nervous before each performance, so feeling that nervousness on the other side of the curtain was a new experience. We were excited to be out of school on Good Friday. I spent the day cleaning, running errands, and washing all of our clothes. Joshua played in a tournament over in Athens on Saturday. I drove up to Pulaski in between games to pick up Mimi to bring her down for Easter. While in Pulaski, Jackson made it a point to take me on a little 5 cent date to the drug store. He searched the car for a dime and bought the both of us a coke. After Joshua’s games, we headed home and I got a head start on our food for Sunday.

Easter Sunday was wonderful. The kids were happy to look at their Easter baskets and we grabbed a few pictures before heading out to church. We had a wonderful Easter service! Afterwards, we headed home for lunch. My mom was able to come over and join us. I love these special times that we can all be together and share stories.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

Joshua playing “John” in Captain Hook
Abby Kate playing “Wendy” in Captain Hook
Love watching Joshua on the mound
Jackson found a pretty big rocking chair.
Easter 2017

It was so hard to get a picture with Mimi. This is the only one that turned out right. Gotta love that sass and silliness from my preteens.

Easter 2017

In Perspective: Week Fourteen

We had a pretty exciting week. Unfortunately, we were expecting some bad weather on Wednesday. The kids were excited because school was called off, but I was pretty scared about our potential for bad weather. I got our storm room ready and we were very prepared. I am so thankful that the bad weather missed us!

Our storm room was ready to go.

I took advantage of our day off mid-week and enjoyed a 3 mile walk. I met a snake on the way back. I quickly turned around and found a different way. I am beyond terrified of snakes and was quickly trying to think ahead. I’m not sure I’ll walk that way again, but I did enjoy it.

Yes, it is a small snake, but it is a snake nonetheless!

We spent our Saturday in Haleyville for Joshua’s tournament. He hit another home run!! He is unbelievable and I am enjoying watching him. He has hit 5 home runs this spring! He also did a great job on the mound. He pitched 4 and 1/3 innings and struck out 10 batters!

I love my #32!

Yesterday, Jackson and I attended the Mother/Son Banquet at our church. I’ve had the privilege of attending these past three years with Joshua. Jackson has been eagerly waiting his turn. He was so sweet! He really took his time getting dressed, brushing his teeth, and combing his hair. He also picked out my dress and shoes and even told me how to style my hair. He was quite the gentlemen all night and we had a wonderful date night.

Mother/Son Banquet with Jackson
This sweet boy of mine was our photographer, so I had to get a picture with him.

In Perspective: Week Thirteen

This week has been our busiest one yet! We had several appointments and practices. I spent the week running the kids everywhere and I am exhausted. Abby Kate will be getting her second set (Phase 2) of (full) braces later this month. She is continuing to rock PT and is getting stronger each day. Joshua is loving ball. Any day that he has off from practice, he spends in the yard practicing. He actually hit 3 balls over the fence in yesterday’s team practice! Jackson is still doing a great job with piano lessons and loves it. I spent most of this week getting ready for a yard sale. I think that we did pretty well, but it was exhausting!

I have my meals planned for the month of April and will complete my calendar tomorrow. I am still loving this plan. I do not always stick to it and that has freed me up a bit. Some mornings I just need a little extra sleep, so I might opt for an easier breakfast that was planned for the week. We’ve also run into appointments overlapping or running late into the afternoon, so we just switch our meals around or we grab something quick. I’ve also realized that getting a meal together for a Sunday lunch after an all day baseball tournament is just not feasible. Unfortunately, I have not cut down on my grocery trips and the budget. It seems to keep going up. I am amazed at the amount of food the kids will eat. Sometimes after a full meal, they go to the pantry for something else. I am constantly having to restock the pantry and the refrigerator.

I love this time of year, however, we’ve all suffered with our allergies acting up. We’ve been going through the essential oils like crazy. I was able to get a picture of one of the cherry trees outside of church today. I just love the spring flowers and beautiful trees.

We are enjoying seeing our Cardinals play ball tonight. I love the game of baseball and I am happy to see the game return!

In Perspective: Week Twelve

I’m a little late getting my weekly update on the blog. Ever since the time change, I’ve had the worst time waking up and staying asleep at night. I’m hoping I’ll adjust soon enough. 

We had a great week. I found out that Dairy Queen had a free ice cream day on the first day of spring. Joshua had baseball practice and did not get home until close to bedtime. I had the kids get their showers, put on their pjs, and we loaded up the car. I didn’t even tell Jason where we were going. It turned out to be a fun night and Sadie even got a special treat. 

I worked really hard this week walking and using the elliptical machine. I snapped this picture on one of my walks. 

Joshua had another baseball tournament this Saturday. He hit a GRAND SLAM!! This momma is so proud of him. He was so excited! 

This picture popped up on my Facebook memories. It warmed my heart. 

Here is a funny from my trip to the store. If you know me well, you know that I am so easy to scare. It always makes me laugh, but I’ll usually scream or smack at whatever is in front of me. Well, this young lady was peeking over my shoulder while I was grocery shopping. I jumped and got so scared. I couldn’t believe I found this cardboard scary enough to jump. 

In Perspective: Week Eleven

What a wonderful (but cold) week we had for Spring Break. We spent the first part of the week in Gatlinburg and had a very relaxing time. We got h0me in time for some baseball practice for Joshua Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running.

Abby Kate and I were able to spend some extra time together Friday afternoon. I thought that her PT appointment was at 12:30 that afternoon, so we arrived a little before. Unfortunately I was wrong on my time. I was an hour late to her appointment. As we were leaving she told me, “Mom, you are so much better than this!” I have to admit, I was pretty embarrassed. We made the most of our time and had lunch together, made a stop at Starbucks, and ran some other errands around town.

We met up with the boys after picking Sadie up from boarding and her day of grooming. We decided to walk the greenway and had a great time. The weather was so nice and the walk did us all good.

On Saturday, we headed out to the ball field. Joshua played in his second tournament of the season. We did not advance to the final game, but we did see some great baseball from Joshua. He had a great 2nd game, hitting his 3rd home run of the season and pitching a great 3 innings.

We are getting ready for our day back to school tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of this school year. We are feeling refreshed and ready to finish this school year strong.

Walking on the greenway with my sweet girl.
I always love a fire on cool evenings.
This sweet girl was missed so much! She was pretty worn out Friday night.
Homerun ball #3 for the Spring 2017 Season
I love watching my favorite pitcher! He pitched for 3 innings, struck out 4, and got the win.