In Focus 270

I received a special treat today while Abby Kate was at the orthodontist office. Jason brought me a Starbucks and he took both boys home. I had a very productive afternoon of taking Abby Kate to Starbucks, getting my car washed, picking up prescriptions, dropping off the dry cleaning, getting gas, and grabbing dinner. I love crossing items off of my to-do list!

In Focus 269

Tonight we had fun trying jalapeños and coolapeños after dinner. We all found the jalapeños very hot!! Jason took a big bite out of the jalapeño and had a hard time cooling down. Jackson touched it to my tongue and my mouth was on fire. It definitely made for some good laughs around the table. 

In Focus 268

I had the priveledge of taking Abby Kate and Jackson to the Tennessee/Florida game today. We woke up early and were ready to head out of town after a quick stop to fill up on gas, grab some biscuits from Hardee’s, and a stop at the ATM. Unfortunately, my card got stuck in the ATM machine and the whole system froze. I tried calling our banking company, but no one was able to answer. A police officer came out and spoke with me about my card. He was so nice and took time out of his morning to offer his assistance. I finally got in touch with a lady at our banking company and she walked me through all the necessary steps to cancel my card, order me a new card, and reassure me that I could leave – that no one would have access to my card. Because the ATM was frozen, the system had crashed and my card would not come back out of the machine. Thankfully, we were still in town and Jason and Joshua had not left yet for Joshua’s ball tournament. Joshua had some cash at the house and let me borrow a bit. It was really hard to drive away without my card. 

We made it in to Knoxville on time and headed to the student center. We were able to grab lunch and visit the team store before heading to our seats. For some reason, it took a really long time getting in the gate, but we finally made it to our seats. 

It was really neat seeing the stadium in the checkerboard pattern. It was so incredibly hot outside, that I was very thankful for our shade from the sun. 

The energy in Neyland was crazy! This game was the loudest game I have ever been too. We all had so much fun and we are so happy that we pulled out a win from the Gators!

In Focus 265

Tonight we took some time to share some verses from the Bible together as a family. It was a really special time of reading God’s word and sharing what the verse means. Jackson decided to share the verse we have prayed over him since before he was born. He was so eager to talk about this verse and he began quoting it. This verse we have prayed all these years hangs in his room over his door. It’s very special because our dear friend, Stacy, painted it for him. Jackson told us that he sees it every night before bed. What an awesome reminder of how important God’s word is in our lives. I pray that my children will continue to keep God’s word close to their hearts.