In Focus 238

I am so thankful for our vacation that we took this summer. We were able to experience God’s beautiful creation and we loved it. Today, the National Parks is celebrating their 100th birthday! Jackson still talks about The Badlands. He had the best time there and is begging to go back. In honor of the 100th birthday, I’m reposting this family picture in The Badlands.

Badlands National Park June 2016

In Focus 237

This past summer we started listening to The Message while riding around in the car. I was tired of the the other messages found in so many songs. I love how now my kids know so many songs on the station and that they sing along. It makes my heart happy when they get excited about their favorite song coming on the station. I don’t write this to say that we don’t listen to the other music, I write it to say that this is a nice way to get a positive message into the minds of my littles. I am very thankful for that. 

In Focus 234

I’ve been wanting to eat some chicken and rice lately. I’ve never made it before, so I’ve been searching through websites and asking others for their recipes. While searching, I found a recipe for chicken and rice soup. Even though it’s August and it is super hot outside, I still decided to make soup tonight. I’m not sure I’ll get to make it again because my family is super picky. I really loved it and everyone else liked it. I can’t wait for cooler weather so that I can make more soups. 

In Focus 233

Last night, while standing in line ordering food, a boy dropped his water bottle on my ankle. This is not normally a big deal. However, for some reason this drop must have landed just perfectly. My ankle is still slightly swollen and slightly bruised. It also bled a little last night too. I’m hoping a little heat will do the trick. Thankfully it doesn’t really hurt that much. 

In Focus 232

We decided to head over to Atlanta after school today to see one last game at Turner Field. We are seeing the Braves play the Nationals. I can still remember coming to Turner Field when it was brand new. I remember thinking that they had the highest concession prices of anyone around. We’ve seen a lot of games here and we are excited to see a last one here tonight.