Seven Random Thoughts

Here are just some random thoughts I’d like to share….

  • We helped my parents move into their new condo today. I was really happy to help my mom and dad get settled in their new home. Jason, Richard, Ethan, Micah, and my brother all loaded up boxes and helped move some furniture around. Tara and Hope kept the kids and Sadie. Tara also cooked fed the entire crew and we enjoyed some of her great cooking! I am so blessed to have Tara as my sister-in-law. She has made dinner for my parents several times and it just warms my heart to have her helping out my parents. And, she’s a really great cook! She posts her recipes over at her website, Tara Cooks.
  • I am blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful circle of friends. Jackson affectionately gave our “group” the name “Girl Scouts”. I guess that he thinks that any group gathering needs to have a name. I love these girls! They are such a source of blessing to my life. I pray one day that Abby Kate will be blessed to have some friends that are special to her.
  • I finished reading my first book for 2012 and I am now on my second book of the year. I read a lot more last year than I can remember reading in a long time. I love stealing away and getting lost in a book.
  • I’m a terrible gift giver. Last weekend I had to catch up on several birthdays. Yep, I walked out of Target with 6 late birthday gifts. Oh well, I guess it’s better late, than never.
  • Pioneer Woman on Food Network! I love PW, her blog and her recipes. She did a first run of 6 episodes. My kids and I loved it! There really isn’t that much on TV that we can sit down and watch together. But, my kids ate it all up (no pun intended). I actually sent her an email of thanks. Now, that’s crazy on my part. I’m happy that she is back on The Food Network and we can watch her show.
  • We now have a membership to Costco. It is eating my lunch, though. I am amazed at how my kids can now put away the food. There once was a day when buying in bulk wasn’t that helpful (unless we were buying diapers for the twins). Now, we are lucky if we make it two weeks with our Costco run surplus. I’m loving Costco, but not loving what it is doing to the wallet.
  • I finally jumped on the Pinterest wagon. I still haven’t figured it out and I don’t really have a ton of time to devote to it, but I am liking what I see.

I could go on and on, but I am hoping to actually sleep tonight. The past couple of nights, I have been up multiple times. Hoping tonight is more restful and peaceful.

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