A Day at the Aquarium

Today we visited the Chattanooga Aquarium for our 1st Grade Field Study. I had so much fun going on this trip with my kids. Jason joined in on the fun and we had a wonderful day at one of my favorite places. The morning did start a little rocky, though. Last night, we had horrible storms come through. I haven’t been sleeping very well these past few nights and with the anticipation of the bad storms last night, I knew that my sleep would not be the best. And, I was right! I woke several times because of the thunder, the wind, the lightning, the tornado sirens, and the stress of it all. Since the April tornadoes, I am VERY scared of these bad storms and the destruction they can cause. Jason and I woke up early since we had an early morning departure from school and turned on the news. It was not very comforting to see the news crew at the entrance of our subdivision broadcasting about the flooding in our neighborhood. I sent my coworkers a text letting them know what I had just seen and told them that we would be getting in our boat and would hopefully be there soon. We took Jason’s truck and fortunately when we pulled out of the neighborhood entrance, the waters had receded considerably. Although I did have this fear of being “that car” caught on camera while the news crew kept their cameras rolling. I was grateful to make it out and we arrived a little earlier than expected to school.

The aquarium was a blast! We’ve been having an in depth study of the ocean and penguins. It was very rewarding for the kids to have a first hand experience seeing what we have been talking about.

Here are some pictures from our fun day at the Aquarium.

Abby Kate at the Otter Exhibit
Joshua & Abby Kate
Jason and Joshua
Just the four of us
Jason and Abby Kate
Joshua with the Penguins
My favorite tank at the entire aquarium
"Mom, take my picture."
"Hey mom, take my picture now."

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