Doing Our Part

Today little miss Sadie Belle had surgery to “not have any babies” (that’s how we are explaining it to the kids). And she has been SO pitiful all afternoon and evening. I picked her up with the kids and it was all she could do to walk halfway to the van. She finally just gave out and laid down on the pavement. After picking her up and seeing her stitches, the kids were grossed out to the point of lots of “grosses” and “ewws”. After getting home Sadie didn’t move around too much. She did come and sit right in front of where her crate is kept. (side note: I bought her a new crate yesterday to give her a little more room. Jason took that crate with him this morning, so it wasn’t in its spot.) I went and got her old crate and she walked right in – something she has never done. For the rest of the afternoon she hid around our bedroom.


Under our bed.

And then Jason came home around 7:45. And she walked all the way out to greet her owner. She has been sitting with him ever since.

Our poor little pup. But in the words of Bob Barker “we helped to control the pet population today.”


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