Last Day

Today was my last day of summer vacation. 😦 But, I was able to accomplish a lot. But, there’s still a lot left to do.

Slept in.

Ate my yogurt breakfast and looked at Sunday’s paper.

Made my shopping list off of the weekly sales.

Pulled the coupons I want to cut out.

Cleaned the whole house. (Well, almost. I still have the hardwood floors and tile to vacuum and clean.)

Washed the sheets.

Folded a load of laundry.

Washed another load of laundry. (But, it’s in the dryer waiting to be folded.)

Had to get another shower because I had worked up quite a sweat.

Jackson fell down the steps, so we had to attend to that BIG bump! Poor guy’s noggin took the brunt of the fall and he has the knots to show for it.


Physical therapy with 3 kids in tow. Yeah, you can imagine how that one went!!!

Stop off at Office Depot where I scored 20 folders and 3 composition notebooks for $1.03!

Follow up visit with Jackson’s doctor. With all 3 in tow. Although, I was told that I had quite a good looking crew.

Gas at Costco.

Treated myself to a free mocha frappucino at Starbucks.

Stop off at our old pharmacy to make sure we didn’t have any remaining prescriptions to pick up.

Drove to our new pharmacy to pick up the prescription I called in this morning. Only to be told that I had called the old one and had the new one transfer it back to the old one. Yeah, I’m complicated like that! Lots of waiting time later, I had my prescription in hand.

Got home when Jason was getting in from work.

Helped build a new bookshelf and move it into the office.

We all went out with Jason and Joshua for their haircuts.

Ate out. Even though I had thawed my meat and bread to make spaghetti. And I wonder why I even bother planning a menu.

Went to Publix for our weekly shopping trip with savings and coupons.

And now I’ve been cleaning up and tidying everything around the house.

There’s still a ton to do: put away the laundry, fold the load still in the dryer, enter receipts, reconcile the checkbook, cut out coupons, do more laundry and the list goes on.

It is amazing how much one can accomplish in a day. I am grateful that I have these things to do and that I have a family to take care of.

But, I’m worn out!

Wish I had something more glamorous for my last day of summer, but that day is just not here.

Good night.

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