Two Hundred Thirty Eight

I have been keeping my New Year’s goal of blogging daily for 238 days today! Wow! I have to admit, I feel like I seem more boring now that the kids are older and we are past the days of diapers, feeding schedules, nap time, potty training and the like. The infant/toddler and then preschool days have absolutely flown by!!!! And that is what everyone cautioned us and warned us about. Now our days are filled with the routine of school and the work load that brings. My organized/OCD self loves the routine that our days bring. I also love those fun moments where we can just break the routine and be a little spontaneous. We are at a fun stage and I love it!

Now for the randomness of 238…

If you had $238, what would you spend it on? A splurge AND a gift…

1. What splurge would you make?

2. What donation/gift would you make?

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