Rewind ~ August 30, 2006

“The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Preschool Days”

So the kids have now been attending their preschool (AKA – Mother’s Morning Out) for 3 weeks now. They only attend school for one day a week, for four hours. I have enjoyed my time away (running all of my errands) and having a quite lunch with Jason (our weekly date). The kids had so much fun on their first day and their second day was okay. I was informed on their second day that Abby Kate was a little “clingy” and seemed to be getting tired. No big deal – until yesterday!

Yesterday morning started out a little rough. Abby Kate woke up at 7:30 (a bit early for her) screaming. I ran into her room and found her crying while standing up on the floor. She was not in her crib – did she climb out or did she fall? (Jason lowered her bed to the last rung last night). I brought her back to bed with me and we snuggled until I had to get up and get myself ready. Joshua woke up shortly after Abby Kate (early for him as well). I helped Jason load the van and off they went. I called Jason to find out how they did when he dropped them off and he said that it was horrible! They both were crying when he left. We received a call from the preschool around 11:30 telling us that Abby Kate was not doing to well. She had been crying for awhile and they could not get her calmed down. Jason and I decided to go and pick up Abby Kate a little early.

When we arrived at the preschool to pick up Abby Kate, we were met at the door with Joshua crying as well. (Apparently when they removed Abby Kate from the room, Joshua did not like it and he, too, began to cry). The director explained that all of the crying was probably “separation anxiety”. She was so nice and told us to bring them back tomorrow if they were fine when we got home. The director told us that some kids can not handle coming only one day a week.

I took both kids home and they took their naps. When they woke up, they were just as happy as they could be. They played together all evening.

This morning, Jason and I set off to try our preschool again. We walked into the door and all seemed okay. We started walking down the hallway to our classroom (Joshua was actually leading us down to his room) and all still seemed okay. Once in the room, we hit a brick wall. They both started crying and screaming. (But we were doing so good). Jason and I finally left the room and waited down the hall. We heard the both of them screaming (mad screaming) at the door to the preschool. The director went in to check on them and said that Joshua had finally calmed down, but that Abby Kate was having a more difficult time with it. Needless to say, we left and I went about my day.

About an hour later, I called to check in on the kids. Joshua was doing okay (that was until they left the classroom to head down to the gym) and Abby Kate was crying in “waves”. The director said that this is a sign of “separation anxiety”. She was not crying for 20 minutes, but she was crying in short little bits.

Jason and I arrived to pick up Joshua and Abby Kate a little before 1:00. We found the kids in the gym. All of the other children were sitting in a circle, while my two were sitting in the lap of one of their teachers. As soon as Jason and I walked in, they both started to cry and instantly wanted to be held. I talked with the teachers and they said that this is completely normal. They told me that as soon as one child would stop crying, the other would start. I guess that they took turns all day. On the ride home, both kids were talking to me and were in great moods. I don’t get it!

Over the past few weeks and months, I have noticed the bond between the two of them growing stronger. They have always had each other! Just the other day, I was holding Abby Kate in my lap comforting her from her fall. Joshua took a spill on the floor and came up to me crying. I picked him up and started to comfort him as well. I had Abby Kate on one leg and Joshua was on the other. Abby Kate stopped crying and instantly started rubbing Joshua’s head for him and patting him on the back. She then bent down to his face and told him something (momma didn’t understand the words that time). It was so sweet! They have really started playing well with each other. Last night, they chased each other all over the living room and tackled one another.

I am so confused right now about my Mother’s Morning Out. I don’t want the kids to cry the whole time. I also want them to be okay when separated from me. Will this end? If so, when? How do we make this easier on all of us? What do you guys think I should do?

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