Abby Kate

Today Abby Kate came with me to my appointment. She began asking me about her flu shot and if she thought she could go ahead and get it. I told her that we could ask and see. Now, this is my child who DREADS any kind of shot. She has always made everyone aware of this since she was an itty bitty baby. And, she is my child who requires a few nurses, mom, and a doctor to hold her down. I was a bit taken aback this summer when (very randomly) she told me that she had 4 more months until she got her next flu shot. So, I was a bit surprised today to hear her ask for her flu shot. The funniest part of the whole thing was when I told her that if she got her shot today, that she’d probably spend the next 11 months counting it down until her next flu shot. And in response, she said, “yeah, you’re probably right.” Abby Kate did great and got her flu shot today with no tears. We have come a long way!!!

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