One Year

It has been one year since I received the call from my parents telling me that Daddy has ALS. He had been through a month of testing and we were hoping and praying that the ALS diagnosis would not come through. Unfortunately, I received a call about 10:00 that morning while at school. My coworkers took care of getting my class down to lunch and gave me a few minutes to gather my composure. That day is still so fresh in my memory – the bright morning sun, the cool breeze in the air and then in the weeks that followed, the leaves changing to vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges; summer changing to fall. It seemed like it took forever to fully process the report from the doctor and what all that meant. A year later, I still feel like we are trying to fully process this diagnosis…

My mom pours every ounce of her being into his care and loves him with a love that is so deep and pure. She is an amazing example of the Godly woman I aspire to be daily.

My grandparents are a constant source of help and support to my mom and dad. I am thankful that they live close to one another.

My husband has been there for me and our children in a very supportive role. He has always willing to do whatever is needed to help out.

Our children pray daily for their Paw Paw. It is so encouraging to have them bring their prayer requests before our entire elementary and to listen to the innocent voices as they pray for my Daddy. The kids ask questions and I pray for the wisdom to know how to answer them. They love to talk about Nana and Paw Paw all the time. They sense what is going on, but they are processing it in their own way.

My friends and family have surrounded us with their thoughts, prayers, encouraging cards, and just their presence these last 12 months. They bring so much comfort to me during this difficult journey.

We are all treasuring every day that we have with my Daddy.


A lot has changed in this last year…..

But, I still have my Daddy!

In the face of such adversity, he is a champion!

He is my hero!

He is MY Daddy, whom I love so very much!!!

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