First Day

Welcome Fall!!!

We are so excited about the change of seasons. I absolutely love fall. Today the kids helped me put out our fall decorations and we even made a trip to Hobby Lobby for a fall table decoration.

Here are a few of my fall favorites:

fall scented candles (loving Bath & Body Works Creamy Pumpkin)

my decorations that were given to me our first few months of marriage by my secret sister at the Northeast Church in Kingsport

my favorite memories of our first few months of marriage are from our first fall together


watching the leaves change color


pumpkins and going to Tate Farms to pick out our family pumpkins

the cool crisp air first thing in the morning

sweet cinnamon pumpkin

my usual mocha frappucino changes to a tall peppermint mocha (and it’s cheaper because of my gold card)

And many more wonderful memories of fall. I’m looking forward to what this fall will bring for our family!


On a different note, I’m very excited that Jason is on his way home from his three day trip to Chicago with his sister.

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