Day Six – A Magical Trip

We woke up early this morning. And it was not of our choosing! We pretty much had the campground to ourselves all week. Last night when we returned from Hollywood Studios, we quickly realized that that had all changed. There were people everywhere!!!

(This week we woke up a little late and we would take our time getting over to the parks. We did not return until late each evening and yesterday was no exception. So, we were a little surprised to see that EVERY campsite in our little cove had filled up yesterday. And, it was VERY loud. One guy actually got out of his tent and yelled at the noisy crowd. It was quite amusing.)

This morning they were all up bright and early. It helped us get up and begin the process of tearing down our camp (yes, we camped in a tent) and packing. We finished packing and then caught a bus over to Epcot for our lunch at the Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. We met Belle, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel and got some pictures with each princess. The food was not really my taste, but it was a fun and unique experience to dine with the princesses. Jackson told us this morning that he needed to “get handsome” for the princesses. He was really excited to see a “real” character that would actually talk. We made our way back to the buses after our lunch and then caught a ride to Downtown Disney. We each got a Christmas ornament and then we bought a few souvenirs.

Jackson slept a good little bit while we finished up our shopping. We rode the bus back to Fort Wilderness.



We had a magical time at Walt Disney World!!!!!


One thought on “Day Six – A Magical Trip

  1. Akershus should really just copy the same menu as Cinderella’s Royal Table – which is quite good. I’d love to see some more details on Ft. Wilderness – that is one of the places we haven’t stayed. Tip for next time – Whispering Canyon Cafe over at the Wilderness Lodge has a very good breakfast.

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