Happy 1st Birthday, Sadie!

My Christmas gift this past year from Jason was a puppy. At first, I was in a little bit of shock. I honestly could not believe that Jason went out and bought me a PUPPY! The kids were beyond excited and we quickly began the “what’s her name going to be” debate. It took me till the next morning to decide on a name, but I decided on Sadie, Sadie Belle (a good Southern name). She instantly stole our hearts and we were all in love right from the beginning.

With a new puppy comes lots of challenges with housebreaking and the like. It was not an easy task and there were many times where I wondered why on earth Jason thought we needed a puppy. But, we worked through it and she began to learn the rules of the house and she began settling in to our lives. Having a puppy is a lot of work, but she has learned along the way and has really turned out to be a very GOOD puppy. Ever since we moved into our new house, she has been great. Sure, she still has her moments and we still get a little aggravated with her at times, but she is the sweetest little puppy for our family.

She loves to snuggle, loves to play, loves to eat ice, loves to sleep, loves the mud, loves her food, loves to sleep in our bed with us, loves to get free and run, loves to have her belly rubbed, and she loves being carried around. She is a little prissy, but has shown us what a good and gentle little puppy she is turning out to be. I am SO thankful that Jason gave me a puppy for Christmas. She makes our home an even happier place for all of us.

Today, Sadie Belle turns ONE. And, yes, because of the kids, we make birthdays a big thing around here. So, the kids were excited to know that today is Sadie’s birthday. I took the kids out to Petsmart after school and everyone picked out their special gift for Sadie. Abby Kate wanted to get her a bed (seeing as how she ate her last one, we’ll see if she needs another one come Christmas time) and a little soft squeaky toy. Joshua got her the most high pitched squeaky toy that Petsmart had. And he squeezed it over and over again in the store. All the dogs that were in the store joined in a chorus of barking at the shrill squeak. (I’m happy to report that Sadie has already bitten a hole in it, so its squeakiness has toned down a bit.) And, Jackson opted for a bag of 4 squeaky balls. They were all excited to give their gifts to her and I think that she enjoyed everyone minute of it.

Yes, we are completely crazy for this, but the kids love it.

My Christmas gift (8 weeks old)
So little!
We LOVE our little Sadie!
Her gifts from the kids
Checking out her special toys
Sweet little Sadie Belle

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