Election Day 2012



This afternoon we headed out to vote. We took the kids with us and explained the process with them. They were SO excited and are already looking forward to when they can vote. Although, I think they just really wanted their sticker.

Taking the kids to the polls reminder me of the 2004 presidential election. Joshua and Abby Kate were only 4 months old, but I remember meeting Jason down at City Hall and loading up the twins in their double stroller. We were the talk of the line and I guess we helped pass the time quickly. Well, that was until the 4 month old twins began to get restless.

For Jason and me, we want to be very intentional in involving our children in this process. Even at a young age, they are very interested in all of this. Tonight as we’ve watched some of the results come in, they asked a lot of really good questions. We think it’s important that our kids have a political awareness at an early age.

And I think it’s really neat that Jason was born on an Election Day. His mom went to the polls that morning and cast her vote. About six short hours later, Jason was born.

Happy Election Day!

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