A Family Reunion

Today I was able to go with Joshua and Abby Kate to our family reunion on my grandmother’s side of the family. My grandmother was one of six children. She was the fifth child born to her parents and is the oldest child still living, as well as her younger sister. I was able to spend a lot of my youth with this side of my family, but I have not been able to see them as much as we used to. Only my Mimi’s sister had ever seen the twins before today. (Jason and Jackson actually spent the day in Knoxville at the UT game. This was Jackson’s first game with “just Daddy”.) So, I was excited to go with the twins today and visit with our family. This meant a great deal to my Daddy. It was great to see his cousins visiting with him and helping him out when he needed it. I was able to capture some pictures today of the house and farm that my Mimi grew up on. The house was built in 1919 by her Daddy. It was a one bedroom house with an outhouse. Over the years, additions have been made to the house. In all of my times of going home with Mimi, I never went in this house (that I can recall). I love hearing Mimi share her stories of her time in the home. It was a special time seeing everyone again and then meeting some family members that I did not even know. Here are some pictures….

My Daddy
Joshua had the best time playing in the yard today. He found some walnuts and turned them into baseballs. He also got in a game or two of football.
Sweet Abby Kate had fun visiting with everyone.
We asked Abby Kate to take our picture. This is what she got.
The old home – built in 1919
This is the room that Mimi shared with her younger sister.
I love the old door knobs.

The barn
I used to walk this road with my cousins up to the little country store at the end of the road.
Abby Kate, my mom, and I decided to walk up to the store because I wanted to get a picture. We were not half way down this road when we heard a shotgun. We immediately turned around and high tailed it back to the home.
These trees were planted when the house was built.
I was able to get the picture that I wanted of the little country store as we were leaving. And I was in my car.

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