Through the Lens: Our Kitchen

Jason and I had a lot of fun designing our kitchen area. Jason picked out the cabinets and the granite. With us essentially building this house twice, we were able to really get what we wanted after seeing it in our first build. We wouldn’t change a thing! I love my kitchen. It is a great gathering place for our family. We also love the floors that we picked out. They are a little rustic, but we feel that it just adds character to our home.

Our kitchen table. I am so excited to have found this table. We wanted something that was a bit rustic, but still nice. Something that we could all fit around. Something that could handle 3 kids. Something that would show character. We loved the “circle” when we first happened upon this table. We bought this table at a little place here in town that makes everything by hand. We LOVE this kitchen table. My mom and dad gave us this rug when we moved into this house. It has always been one of my favorites. Jason hung my valances for me last week. I have loved these Longaberger curtains ever since I first saw them. I bought them for our first house in 2000. Unfortunately we left them with the sale of our first home, but I quickly found them on ebay and bought them again. After two other house sales, I’m happy to report that I have held on to my valances.
View from the living room
I LOVE having a double oven! It has already been put to good use and I am sure that the holidays will be no exception.
View from the kitchen out into the living room
View from the table area out onto the stairs that lead upstairs
Another view of the kitchen area

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