A Fun Friday

We have enjoyed a very fun Friday here today. Today we had our Book Character Day at school. I decided to dress up as Thor. I made it about an hour in Jackson’s helmet before I had to take it off. I seriously felt like a migraine was coming on with his helmet on my head. But, I think that the kids enjoyed seeing it. Abby Kate dressed up as Black Widow, Jackson dressed up as Harry Potter, and Joshua went as a Tennessee Titans’ Football Player.

Jackson’s class had a lunch party and I was able to attend. Jackson was SO excited to have both Jason and me there. I am very grateful that I was allowed to be with Jackson. After school, Joshua went home with a friend to play and have a sleepover. He has been SO excited about his sleepover and couldn’t wait for it. I must admit, our house is pretty quiet without Joshua here. He called just a bit ago to say good night and we are looking forward to having him back home with us in the morning.

Abby Kate has been asking/begging to get her ears pierced for the last two years. Jason has been the resistant one, but when she asked the other day (for the umpteenth time) to get her ears pierced, she was met with a “yes” from Jason. So, today was “the” day. I must admit, I was fine with the whole thing until we were approaching the mall. Then the reality set in and I got butterflies in my stomach for her. She was a bit nervous, but managed to put on a very brave face. She carefully picked out her perfect earrings and I signed all of the paper work. When the moment actually came, she put up a bit of a fight. I began to picture another knock-down-hold-her-down-moment (like our great doctor gets to see every time she gets a shot), but she ended up holding it all together. Then she was done. She is SO excited and Jason and I are a little sad to see our little girl growing up so quickly.

We browsed around the mall and I stopped off in Bath and Body Works. I wanted to get some more wallflowers and I had a coupon for a free item. I picked up a bottle of the Pink Sugarplum shower gel. One of my students gave me a gift set of it last year, and it is now my favorite Christmas scent. We then went to eat dinner at the Olive Garden and now we are home about to watch The Avengers.

We are out of school for the next nine days! I am really looking forward to some fun, family time here at Thanksgiving.

Joshua decided not to go as Captain America, but opted for a Titan’s Football Player instead.
Jason and Jackson
With my littlest man
She asked to hold Daddy’s hand.
All Done!
Daddy’s Little Girl
Sometimes it’s the simple things in life…

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