Bloggy Rewind – December 4, 2008 – Meet Ollie

I LOVE that we started this tradition 4 years ago. This is something that our kids get SO excited about. They have been asking each day about Ollie and wondering if he will find our new house. Our Ollie is a good elf. He only watches and doesn’t ever cause any trouble. For that, I am grateful. The first year or two Ollie had to hang out in the living room. The past few years, he’s ventured out and has been known to show up anywhere. I can’t wait for this Friday when Ollie will make his appearance in our house. Here is the first blog post that I wrote about Ollie when we first introduced him to our family.

December 1, 2008

On December 1, 2008, our family started a new Christmas tradition. We welcomed Ollie, the Elf on the Shelf into our home. The kids found Ollie sitting on top of our mantle over the fireplace. Nobody knew how he got there! (Wink, wink!) Abby Kate and Joshua were so excited about our new little friend. Jackson sat down with the older two to read all about Our Elf on the Shelf. It turns out that Ollie has been sent to our house by Santa himself! We learned about Ollie’s Christmas magic that helps him fly to the North Pole each night to give Santa a report on the children. Part of the Elf on a Shelf tradition is naming your elf; it took us a little while to name the little guy, but we finally settled on the name “Ollie”. I think that it suits him just fine. He sure is a cute little elf! After he reports to Santa each night, Ollie uses his Christmas magic to fly back to our house. Each morning, he finds a new place to “perch” in our house. The kids have enjoyed waking each morning and finding Ollie in his new spot. We are not allowed to touch Ollie or he might lose some of his Christmas magic! On many occasions, I have found Joshua talking to the little guy. I think he’s trying to get Ollie to put in a good word for him to Santa! We hope that Ollie finds his way back to our house each and every night.

A special thank you to Laura Beth for blogging about The Elf on the Shelf. This is a wonderful tradition that we have started.

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