Galaxy of Lights

Jason and I returned from Chattanooga in the early hours of this morning. We got some sleep in before heading out to pick up Sadie and to get the kids this morning. We were both so anxious to wrap our arms around our babies in light of the tragedy of yesterday. We headed off to Joshua’s basketball game and them grabbed some lunch at Waffle House. I think that we’ve just recently discovered how much fun WH can be with kids. Jason and I used to head out to the WH down from Lipscomb during our time there. It’s fun to go with the kids now. Everyone was in need of an afternoon rest. While the kids slept, I wrapped the rest of the kids gifts. I’m so excited to be ahead of the game this year. We are almost finished shopping! Tonight, we headed out to the Galaxy of Lights. We brought Sadie along for the ride and we all had a great time! We visited the Galaxy of Lights for the first time last year and had a blast. This year did not disappoint. I hope this is a tradition we can keep going.

As I was kissing Jackson good night, I was struck with another wave of grief for the children and parents in CT. Jackson is the age of several of the victims. There is such innocence, such goodness in my baby boy….may God be with all of those suffering such an unimaginable loss…

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