My All Time Favorite Christmas Gift

This year the kids gave us a Christmas gift from the heart. They worked on this gift for several days and even wrapped the present in a box. Jackson was very embarrassed about the wrapping, which made me laugh. They were all so excited for us to open our present, but we told them that we would wait until Christmas Day. They couldn’t understand why we would want to wait, but we did. Jason and I had chosen to get gifts for only the kids this year, so we were really looking forward to opening up this present.

This gift means so much to the two of us! It is from the hearts of our children and it did not cost anything. These are the gifts that mean the most and this is a gift that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Book by the Bybee Children
My Christmas Book
by the Bybee Children
Once upon a time there were three little children and they had magic trees and they had magic wands and they had a magic Elf.
They had a magic Elf and he had a wand and the children loved him so much. He began to cry but he just fell and Jackson catched Ollie!
They had very sweet parents and their names were Jason and Sunny!
And they had a dog named Sadie Belle and she was only 1 year old and they loved her very much!
They had a
Wonderful Christmas
The End

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