Anyone Remember?

popples_9020This evening we ventured out to Toys R Us to redeem a gift card that Jackson had gotten for Christmas. Jackson knew exactly what he wanted and we searched for a little stuffed puppy. (I love that Jackson is very decisive and knows immediately what he wants. However, he does not easily give up and will continue to ask for said item.) As I turned and began walking down the stuffed animal aisle, I was instantly flooded with memories of one of my childhood favorites, a popple. Anyone else remember these? I can’t remember which one I had, but I enjoyed my popple. Who knows what every happened to these little guys. I was trying to describe popples over dinner with Jason tonight, but he looked at me like I was completely crazy. I love when these little glimpses into my childhood come flooding back. It is my hope that we are creating wonderful memories for our children that will one day fill them with the happiest of thoughts about their own childhood.

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