Mobile Uploads

I stopped by the other day and ordered my free peppermint mocha from Starbucks. My free drink was the largest drink I’ve ever received from Starbucks. I love rewards!

Daddy has been getting 2 shots a day to help with the blood clots in his lungs and legs. Daddy has always been the one to help give Joshua his shots when Jason and I have had to leave town. Daddy told me the other day when we were up to see them that he wanted Joshua to give him a shot. Joshua was proud, but then he got really nervous. Joshua doesn’t get his shots in his belly, so he was worried that he would “hurt Paw Paw”. Paw Paw did just fine and Joshua felt pretty special.

180,000 miles on our mini. Hoping it lasts us a VERY long time.


We had fun celebrating a birthday with our friends the other day. It was the first time that I had ice skated in (at least) 15 years. This was the kid’s first time to ice skate. We had fun!

Joshua and Sadie

Who knew I would be so excited about a magnetic calendar? But I am! We don’t really have a great place in our kitchen to hang a calendar, so we’ve been without for awhile now. I have been using the calendar on my phone and I love that! I especially love that Jason and I can sync our calendars and we know what the other one has scheduled. I really love that it also sends an alert (I’m finding that I am becoming more absent minded than I would like). All that said, I really love seeing a calendar. And, what better way than a magnetic calendar. Our menu calendar is on the fridge too, so it’s perfect.

The boys love having Abby Kate read to them. It warms my heart.

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