A New Year

We were so excited to ring in the New Year last night with the kids. We watched the ball drop in NYC at 11:00. I found it humorous describing the dropping of the ball and why all the people were gathered in NY or around the tv. The kids found it all really interesting and they were happy to stay up late. As we were sending them up to bed, they looked at the clock and realized it was only 11:00. We diverted their attention and they went on to bed.

Today we payed the price for their late night. We had some grouchy kids on our hands, but we still had a great New Year’s Day.

When asked what they wanted to do this year, the kids listed the following as a goal for this New Year:

Abby Kate: to ride a bike with no training wheels (She has been begging for a new bike, but we’ve told her that the next size up does not have training wheels. She is determined to learn and to get a new bike.)

Joshua: to get all A’s and to play football this fall

Jackson: to get a new toy (We don’t think Jackson really understood.)

Happy 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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