A Snow Day

We enjoyed an early dismissal from school today due to some snow. I was not expecting it to do anything and thought that we would be in school for the whole day. I was very wrong. By the time I walked out to my car after dismissal, the parking lot was completely covered. I felt my tires spin as I took the small hill to leave school and knew that I was in for a long ride home. I could barely see with all of the snow on the van and my passenger window does not roll down. Thankfully our crossing guard pulled out in front of all the traffic as I was trying to leave the school and had the cars stop to let me out. I’m very grateful for that. I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to leave the school without her help. It took me 35 minutes to make the usual short commute home. I had to drive at 10 mph and cars were lined up everywhere. It was VERY stressful to say the least, but we made it home and the kids instantly dressed up and headed outside to enjoy the little bit of wintery white that we received. This afternoon the sun was actually shining!!! We haven’t seen the sun in over a week and we’ve had rain for 8 straight days. I’m thankful for moments where the beauty of God’s creation can be enjoyed by us all.

Abby Kate
Jackson asked for a picture with Abby Kate. Joshua was warming up in the background.
I LOVE that I was able to capture this shot! He actually did hit the both of them with this snowball.
Sadie LOVED the snow!

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