Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Today, these words have given me great comfort. Yesterday morning we awoke to a devastating and incomprehensible phone call. My brother, Roger, had died in his sleep of what appears to be a massive heart attack. My brother was only 32 years old. There simply are no words to express the way my heart aches. My brother was such a good man. He was always just a big teddy bear with a heart full of the deepest compassion of anyone that I know. I feel blessed to have had a wonderful brother who loved our family. He was an incredible son, a wonderful grandson, a loving husband, a great step father to his 3 children, and the best brother this girl could have ever been blessed with. Yesterday and today have been difficult and I know that from this point forward, it will always be difficult. But, I am thankful for the life that he lived and the time that we were blessed to share in together.

Blessings on my parents. – Losing a child. Their son. So much pain, sorrow, heartache. Both of my parents have had so much loss in their lives. My mom lost both of her parents at an early age. My dad lost his 8 year old brother to leukemia (when my dad was only 16). The battle my parents are having to endure with Lou Gehrig Disease. I have seen such faithfulness in their darkest hours. God has blessed me with incredible parents. I am so saddened that they are having to suffer through the loss of their son.

Blessings on my grandparents – Losing their grandson. My grandparents have lost so many in their lives. Their parents, their son, my grandmother’s sisters and brother. And they, too, are right there with my mom and dad as he fights this battle with ALS. I told my grandmother this afternoon how I see so much strength in her walk with God. My grandparents find their strength in the Lord and they are such godly examples to me. I am so saddened that they are losing another part of their hearts.

I cannot even begin to thank everyone for their phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, offers of help, food, visits and more. It is SO comforting and you have been a ministering presence to our family. “Thank You” will never be enough. To our family, you embody Romans 12:15: mourn with those who mourn. We have truly felt the love of God through you and your thoughtfulness.

For my brother, Roger, who had the biggest, most compassionate heart….

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

my family
my family

4 thoughts on “Pure in Heart

  1. Emily Piercey Blanks

    Sunny, I pray that God will hold all of you in His arms and give you comfort that only He can give. I cannot imagine what you all are going through. I have good memories of Roger, and so do so many other people. I’ll be thinking and praying for you and your family in the coming days, months, and weeks as this sets in. God is good all the time, and He will bless you through this storm.

  2. Betty Burroughs

    Sunny, my heart breaks for you, your Mom, Your Dad, Jason and the rest of your family and friends.I know how you feel I lost my only Sister and it is awful, but time does help not heal completely, but helps. God bless each of you and comfort you. Roger will be missed forever but it helps to know what kind of person He was. R.I.P. Sweet Roger! Love to each of you!

  3. Laura

    Sunny I have been lifting you and your family in prayer all day! There are no words but know how much we love you and your sweet family and are so so sorry!
    Phil4:13 has gotten me through the loss of all my family!
    Love ya
    Laura P.

  4. Jana

    What a beautiful note. You are right that God is close to us as we grieve and holds us in His loving embrace. Praying for you and your sweet family.

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