Father’s Day with My Daddy

Yesterday after Jason’s sermon, we were able to drive up to Lebanon to spend Father’s Day with my Mom and Dad. I was so grateful for this day spent with my parents. The kids were so excited to give Paw Paw his gifts. We got Paw Paw some superhero socks, some Ghirardelli and Godiva chocolates, and I made some puppy chow (my Daddy’s favorite) and chex mix for them. We ventured out to take some pictures and enjoyed a take-out dinner from Cracker Barrel.

Yesterday was another blessing of time spent with my Daddy. He has been fighting ALS for 21 months. My mom has been his caretaker and my grandfather helps with the daily tasks of helping him get up and get back in bed. My grandparents take turns spending the night with my parents each night. We are enjoying this summer break from school, as it has allowed the kids and me more opportunities to visit my parents. This disease has taken and continues to take so much from my Daddy. But, it has not taken WHO he is and for that we are grateful!

Daddy faces this disease with such courage and strength. His love for his family shines in so many ways. He has taught me so many valuable lessons. One of the things I love about him is that he is so meticulous. Before he makes a purchase, he’ll research all of the options and based on that research, he’ll choose the best according to his standards. He values others’ opinions, but he has full confidence in his own choice. Because of this, he is still the first one that I call when I have a question about anything. He is self motivated and loves to learn something new. He pays attention to detail and loves to have everything just so (I’m beginning to see where I get some of my little “perfectionist” tendencies). He is determined and devoted. He is strong and gentle. He loves to joke and make people laugh. He is a hard worker and gives his absolute best at anything he does. He is kind and loving. My Daddy has my heart! He is my hero!










2 thoughts on “Father’s Day with My Daddy

  1. Jeri McAllister

    Wonderful family pictures–your dad has a great smile! Yours was a beautiful tribute to him–the love just shines through!

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