Celebrating Jackson Cash

It is so hard to believe that our Jackson Cash is six years old!!!!!! Where has the time gone?

We had a great time celebrating Jackson’s birthday this year out in Texas while Jason went to class. Jason completed his next to last week long class last week for his doctoral degree. Jackson and I traveled with Jason for his very first class when Jackson turned four. Last year was a very hard birthday year for Jackson. We celebrated before Jason left, but the only person he wanted on his actual birthday was Jason. It made for a very sad day for Jackson last year (and it didn’t help that the twins were completely jealous of his special day and went out of their way to make Jackson miserable). So, this year, Jason made it a priority to have Jackson come out to Texas to be with him on his birthday. Jason was in class for 9 1/2 hours that day, but we still got to see him for lunch and then when he finished up class at 6:30. For that, Jackson was grateful!

Jason, Abby Kate, Jackson, and I flew out to Abilene, Texas on Sunday. Joshua had All-Star’s baseball practice each night, so he stayed back with a family friend and went to VBS each day. We had a great time out in Abilene and flew back home to Joshua on Wednesday (Jason had class until Friday and arrived home around 10:00pm).

Abby Kate, Jackson, and I had fun while Jason went to class each day. We went swimming, spent some time in Target, played at the mall, did a little browsing at the mall, saw “The Croods” at the movie theater, went go-cart riding, visited the Abilene Zoo, played at the local park, and enjoyed lunch and dinner each day with Jason. The most important part of our stay was that we were able to celebrate Jackson’s birthday with Jason. We ate dinner at Chili’s and Jackson enjoyed his “birthday cake” after dinner. We had a great time in Texas, but we are most looking forward to returning next year and watching Jason get his doctorate.

Jackson Cash at 6 Years

39 pounds, 45 inches

Favorite Color: The color that Sadie is
Favorite Food: Momma’s Chocolate Chip Heart Waffles
Least Favorite Food: Roast Beef
Favorite Treat: Hershey’s Bar
Favorite Toy: Wands
Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse
Favorite Restaurant: Red Robin
What he wants to be when he grows up: Teacher

Jackson was in jail at the local park
Beautiful Abby Kate
We found some shade while playing.
Quick picture with my little guy
Tire swing fun
We had dinner at Outback the night before Jackson’s birthday. Our sweet waitress brought Jackson a little birthday treat.
Getting ready to race
Jackson had fun driving his own go-cart.
So happy and proud
A beautiful peacock greeted us as we ventured into the reptile house.
Pretty flamingo
The flamingo’s recently added two new babies. I believe that I captured one of the babies in this photo.
Walking up to feed the giraffe
The zoo had a bridge that you could go up on to feed the giraffes. I have not ever taken a photo of a giraffe from this angle before.
This big guy was coming over to feed. I actually fed this giraffe. This was the coolest part of this zoo!
I absolutely LOVE this photo!!!
Silly giraffe
We had fun at the zoo. It was not that big, but had plenty of animals for us to see. The Texas heat is serious! It took us about an hour to go through the zoo and it was appropriately priced.
Jackson’s birthday cake
He wanted to be the one to crack open the ice cream.
Jackson waited patiently all day to open his presents. He was excited!
Jackson loved his Thor action figure from Joshua.
Jason helped put Jackson’s Loki action figure together.








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