Captured 028

We’ve been hearing something in our walls for a few weeks now. The sound is in our stairwell and it is very loud. We are on slab, so I’m not really sure how whatever it is has found its way inside. We have 8 traps in our attic thanks to our great friend. This evening I found our first victim, a tiny little mouse. We’ll see if any more turn up. And, I’m grateful that Mr. Lee came over and took care of our dead little critter and set a few more traps.

3 thoughts on “Captured 028

  1. Pops Maples

    I hope the rafters that are void of insulation is over the garage area instead of an area that you are trying to control the temperature. πŸ™‚

      1. Bobbie Bradley

        The space between our garage and main house on Rock Spring made an access from underneath the house for some type critter to our attic space. We never discovered it was, but it made a lot of noise (We think it had to be a squirrel because of the noise it made.). We put out a trap with apples and peanut butter (on the advice of Philip) with no results. Finally in the spring, the critter would scream at me if I went out the back door to put out garbage. I talked Gary into removing the vents in the eaves of the house in the garage section, and evidently the critter left. We replaced the vents and never heard from it again.

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