Our Snow Night

Today was our second snow day out of school this week. However, it rained all day. We kept hearing the reports that the snow was coming. Around 3:00 this afternoon, it all changed over and it has been snowing since. The flakes are huge and everything is covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow. We took advantage of the snow night and made the most of it by heading outdoors to play. It’s pretty hard to take night time pictures, so I didn’t get too many and a few are not the best, but it will work. I’m hopeful that the snow will still be here in the morning and that I can get some more pictures of our snow. What a fun time we all had out in our snow!

He instantly picked up the snow and made a snowball. He didn’t last too long without gloves.
“I will be okay without my gloves Mom.”
He couldn’t get enough snow to eat.
Abby Kate
She wasn’t too sure about going out in the snow, but decided to join in on the fun rather than go to bed.
Sadie loved the snow!
Our ruler is broken, so we measured with our ruler upside down. I’m wondering how much snow we’ll have in the morning.
Our Snow Night
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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