First Day of Spring

Yesterday afternoon, I got out my camera and decided to take some pictures of our flowers. Jason and I had never planted pansies, so we really did not know if they would work out when we planted them this past fall. I am so pleased that they are back after our very cold winter and they look so pretty. There are a few that do not look too great, so I guess we’ll see if they make a comeback or not. We also planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs this past fall. They are starting to come out, but have yet to bloom.









Abby Kate and Jackson were out playing in the front yard, so I was able to take a few pictures while they played. Joshua was in the backyard playing baseball. I sat on the front porch in the hopes of catching a bird at our bird feeder.




I finally caught a bird, but I was not quick enough for a still shot. I was definitely invading their space.


Jackson brought out a bag of snacks (including a treat). I had told him that he could not eat his treat and he got mad at me. He didn’t stay mad for very long when I asked for his picture.


I get this look all the time.


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