Bloggy Rewind: 2013 Fall Break Disney Trip – Travel Days

Jason and I were excited to surprise the kids with a return Fall Break trip to Walt Disney World. We had made plans to head to the mountains for a relaxing Fall Break, but we really wanted to experience the magic of Disney all over again. I was thrilled to hear that Jason wanted to head back to all things Disney, especially after I didn’t even know if he would enjoy the first trip. We were both really eager to improve on the things we did the previous year. We took one afternoon in August to play with the idea of another trip and it all worked out just perfectly.

We had Grandparents’ Day the Friday before Fall Break and left school early that afternoon. I met Jason, the kids and my mom for lunch at Logan’s and after a few family pictures, we were loaded and ready to hit the road. As we were throwing the last few things into the van, Jackson threw up! He had been acting pretty puny for the past few hours and it finally hit him. I was very nervous about the ride with a sick child, but we didn’t have a choice in the matter. We brought “our bucket” and began our drive. Fortunately, Jackson slept for a good bit and didn’t wake until we stopped in Clanton. We enjoyed some milk shakes at Peach Park and Jackson was back amongst the living.



We knew that we were going to need to let the kids in on the surprise at some point along the way and we figured this was as good a place as any. After we finished up our milk shakes, we headed outside and had the kids sit down at one of the picnic tables. The kids read aloud a note that let them in on the big news and as soon as the reality sank in, they began screaming with excitement. The questions began immediately and we promised to fill them in on the road. We drove all the way to Tallahassee and found a hotel to stay the night.

We woke up Saturday morning and the kids opened a surprise gift from some special friends. We grabbed a quick breakfast and began the rest of our drive to Disney. We were so excited!


We arrived at Fort Wilderness and set up our tent later that afternoon. Yes, we loved camping so much the first time, that we opted to camp again! We had a few new ideas from our last time and got our site set up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, our van decided to die on us and so our plans for heading out for dinner and to stock up on a few supplies had to take a detour. Our friends were also camping at Fort Wilderness and they let us borrow their truck. We were very grateful and headed out for dinner at Cracker Barrel and then we stopped off at Walmart for some necessities.

We made it back to camp and settled in for the night. We were so eager to begin our full day at Disney the next morning. However, things were not going to go quite as planned…

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