Captured 129

We’ve had a full day of fun! We were able to sleep in a bit this morning. We didn’t make it back until after one this morning from the game. After a late breakfast, we stopped by and picked up all of Jason’s copies of his project/thesis. I wanted to get a picture of the kids with Jason and all of his hard work. We spent some time on campus, dropping off his work, picking up his regalia, and shopping at the bookstore. We took the kids go cart riding and had some time to swim in the pool later this afternoon. This evening, one of the professors had a reception that we attended. The kids had a great time and we also enjoyed ourselves. Jason was talking with several friends from the program tonight and I couldn’t help but overhear Abby Kate share her delight in her daddy. She said, “My Daddy worked really hard.” Yes, he did and we are all so proud of all his accomplishments. They know ALL of the work and long hours their daddy put into his project. They are so proud of him! Even though there were some really hard times for them with him working and being gone, he always took the time to spend with them. Jason is an incredible daddy and he balanced this major work load with intentionality for their benefit. Tomorrow is going to be a great day for our family to share with Jason as he receives his Doctor of Ministry!

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