Captured 175

20140624-220059-79259121.jpgWe have enjoyed an awesome day in Chicago! We ate a really late lunch at Renaldi’s. Jason and I ate dinner one night there 11 years ago and loved it! It is my favorite pizza and I have been wanting to return all these years. After lunch, we went to Millennium Park and saw the “bean”. Abby Kate had been wanting to visit the American Girl store as soon as she found out we were stopping off in Chicago. She spent her upcoming birthday money on a few things and walked out one happy girl. After leaving the store, we headed to the Disney store where Jackson spent some of his souvenir money. Afterwards it started raining on us, so we decided to take a break in Starbucks. When the rain finally let up, we walked down and booked a night architectural boat tour. The tour was an hour and a half and we loved it! We went through downtown on the Chicago River and then out onto Lake Michigan to get a view of the city. We all learned something new. We grabbed a quick bite at Subway and caught the L back to our hotel. What a fun time we had in the big city! Our kids loved it and have already begged to come back soon.

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