2014 Summer Vacation Part 2

We headed out of Kansas City and drove through the state of Iowa. Jason and I found Iowa to be really pretty. The grass was so green, the sky was so blue, and the corn was gorgeous. I loved seeing the farm houses, silos, and the windmill farms. We arrived in Minneapolis in time for dinner and headed over to The Mall of America to look for a quick bite to eat. The weather was incredible and we loved the atmosphere of the town. By the time we made it back to our hotel, it was around 9:00 and the sun was just beginning to set. We settled in for a good night’s rest and woke the next morning to head into town.

Jason had done a little reading about Minnehaha Falls and we were pretty excited to see a 53 foot waterfall in the middle of town. We found it very fascinating and had fun exploring the area around the waterfall.

Minnehaha Falls – President Lyndon Johnson stood at this spot when he visited the falls in 1964.


The view before the 53 foot drop. A few days prior to our visit, a kayaker went over the falls and miraculously survived.





Joshua wanted me to take this picture. He makes me laugh.



photo 2
Minnehaha Falls

We left the Falls right before it began to rain and made our way to Target Field. Thankfully, the rain let up and we made our way into Target Field. Target Field ranks as one of the cleanest stadiums I’ve ever been to. We loved that the ballpark was downtown and that they had their own parking garage with easy access in to the stadium and out onto the interstate (when it came time to leave). The ballpark was really nice and we enjoyed taking in all of the stadium and catching a great game. The rain brought in cooler weather, but it was so nice watching a game in 75 degree weather. Target Field was stadium number 20 for Jason, 18th for me, 8th for the twins, and the 6th stadium for Jackson. After the game, we all headed down to the field and the kids got to run the bases. We loved seeing the Twins and loved their ballpark.

Target Field
Target Field
Love the view of the Minneapolis skyline from our seats!






We needed a picture of our twins seeing where the Twins play!
photo 3
On the field at Target Field getting ready to run the bases.
Joshua running the bases. He was so fast, that I didn’t get his picture until he was rounding third.
Jackson running the bases.
Abby Kate at home plate.

Later that afternoon, we headed back to Mall of America (since there is SO much to see there) and played at the Nickelodeon Universe. Jason rode the big fun rides and I took a spin on the carousel. I thought it was pretty cool having a theme park inside a mall. We loved our time in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’d love to have a summer home there! We absolutely loved the town, the ballpark, and the weather!

Jason and Abby Kate rode Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Collider.
photo 4
Jason, Joshua, and Jackson rode the Log Chute.

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