Christmas 2014

We enjoyed a great Christmas this year. I think that each year just gets better and better. I was able to get everything prepared on Christmas Eve and enjoyed having Abby Kate help me out in the kitchen. We made all kinds of Christmas sweets and I was able to get our food ready for Christmas Day.

We enjoyed our tradition of a steak dinner Christmas Eve and then the kids wanted to open their gifts they had purchased for each other. They had so much fun and we loved watching them interact with such excitement and joy. Afterwards, we watched the birth of Jesus from The Bible and Jason read Luke 2. We talked more deeply about the birth story with the kids.

Before bed, I read “The Night Before Christmas” to the kids and afterwards we made sure Santa’s plate was filled with cookies (one from each child) and that he had a cup of milk waiting for him. Jackson sprinkled his Grinch Dust and Reindeer food outside and then the kids headed off to bed. It took quite awhile, but they finally settled down and went to sleep.

The kids woke eagerly Christmas morning and could not wait to begin opening their presents from Santa. My mom and grandmother drove down and we had a great big breakfast feast. This was our first year to have a big breakfast brunch and I think it may become a tradition. We enjoyed our day together and had the best time.

What a blessing our Christmases are to us. We look forward to each tradition each year and it is so fun experiencing the joy of the season with our children.

Our annual Christmas Eve dinner of steaks on the grill.



Our annual tradition of Sibling present swap on Christmas Eve.


Sweet Sadie!


They loved their sibling gifts!


Joshua loved his presents from Santa.


Abby Kate and her gifts from Santa. She looks so big to me here.


Jackson loved his opening his presents from Santa.


Nana and her gifts


Mimi with her Christmas gifts.


Nana and Jackson


Joshua loved his new warm up jacket for his baseball team. He had to try out his new glove with Dad for a few minutes.


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