In Focus 001

I am excited about a new start to a new year! I plan on posting a picture each day for 2016. I loved doing a picture-a-day-post in 2014 and it is time to bring it back this year. I am hopeful that I can also post some other memories and photos that have been on my camera and in my photo library. I freshened up the look of my blog and I love it! I especially love the header picture from Glacier Park that is from my dad! Life is busy at this stage and I know it will only continue to become busier with each passing year. I hope you’ll stop by each day and see what we have managed to get ourselves into.

Blessings to you as  you begin this new year!


2 thoughts on “In Focus 001

  1. I love that you’re doing this in 2016. Personally, I wish you’d do this every year. I think you’ll love being able to look back on the pics from this year. Great idea!

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