In Focus 006

We recently redecorated Abby Kate’s bedroom. She got a new big bed and we had some of my dad’s pieces of furniture distressed. I love how it all turned out. 

While helping Abby Kate get her room back together the other day, we ran across her Disney autograph book from our last trip in 2013. She had picked out the picture/signature book and almost filled it up with autographs on our trip. I began looking through her book as we were cleaning. I quickly realized that there were no pictures. It was one of those projects that I had told myself I’d get to. Print 20 pictures – okay, no problem. But it was never finished. 

I have several photo projects that are just like that. I have these intentions of making a photobook, scrapbook, shutterfly book, completing baby books, or just printing pictures to put into our photo albums. However, I never get around to completing those. 

So, I set a goal of working on one photo project a month. Abby Kate’s 20 picture autograph book seemed like the perfect place to begin. We picked up Abby Kate’s pictures Sunday afternoon and she has been so excited about this little keepsake full of wonderful memories. 

Now, to figure out my next project…only, I’m afraid I have more than 11 photo projects to complete. 



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