In Focus 022

We have enjoyed our (Half) Snow Day today!! It’s always exciting to get out of school early. We have made the most of our day by staying indoors and watching the snow fall. There is something very peaceful about snow and I feel like a little girl anytime we have snow.

I was able to make some Chex mix, sausage balls, and chili for dinner. I’m not sure what it is about cooking, but anytime I’m out of school I feel the need to cook. I also was able to catch up on laundry, play a game with the kids (Beat the Parents), and just take a break. I’m looking forward to reading more of my book here shortly before bed, too.

Here are some pictures from our day.

Sadie always LOVES the snow!


Even though we have a little bit, it is still beautiful!


I am teaching Abby Kate and Joshua how to start the washing machine. They can do everything else, so I figured it was time to work with them on starting the machine. Maybe in a few years, I won’t even have to do the laundry. Ha!


I love my Kitchen Aid mixer that my mom got me for Christmas this year! I made sausage balls with it today and it was the greatest thing ever!


Jackson got a little creative with Abby Kate’s laundry basket and my blanket. I think he was cold.

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