In Focus 026

When Jason and I were first married, I found myself in the kitchen a good bit of the time. I was a newly married girl and a new cook. I had spent time in the kitchen helping prepare dinner as I was growing up, but I don’t think that I had ever prepared a meal from start to finish. I had a big learning curve and I needed to master the art of cooking quickly.

I can still remember trying to make Jason’s favorite meal one night – pinto beans, cornbread, and sweet tea. I had made sweet tea before and I had watched my mom make cornbread, but I didn’t have a clue how to fix pinto beans. Truth be told, I didn’t even like pinto beans. I had wanted nothing more than to make my sweet husband the meal he loved the most. Well, I failed miserably – it was a disaster. I didn’t even make the tea correctly. We ended up going out that night for our dinner. Over the years, I have perfected the art of cornbread and I know how to make some awesome sweet tea. Although, I haven’t tried to make the pintos again. Sorry, Jason.

During those early years, I tried my best to cook a great meal. I found it very difficult to “time” the meal. You know, how to make sure that everything comes out finished at the same time. Well that took awhile. Through it all, Jason was very patient with me and always encouraged me. Even with the pinto beans, cornbread, and tea meal, he really tried to play it off. I could not.

I found myself at the grocery store quite a bit and I had time to browse the aisle. (My, oh my, how times have changed.) One day I picked up a can of enchilada sauce. I had never eaten enchiladas, but the recipe looked easy and I thought about giving it a try. I was not sure that Jason would like the enchiladas, but he could try. I was always looking for something new, easy, and different from the few meals I could make. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfectly. It turns out that this new meal was a huge hit with Jason. It became his favorite and to this day, it is his all-time favorite meal. The meal is so simple, but it makes me happy that he loves it when I make it for him.

So, tonight we had enchiladas, sweet corn-on-the-cob (that I put up this summer), and some simple cresent rolls. And, it made me happy.

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