In Focus 051

It has been a fun Saturday for our little family. We started out the morning with an American Girl cooking class at Williams Sonoma for Abby Kate. She had so much fun making Madeleines with several other girls. She was also able to get an apron that she has had her eyes on since before Christmas. She walked away with a very nice baking piece and her new apron. She really enjoyed her time.

After Abby Kate’s cooking class we all went out to see Joshua scrimmage another baseball team. I always enjoy watching my little southpaw. He did a great job in his scrimmage today.

We decided to head up to Athens after Joshua’s scrimmage for some barbecue from Whitt’s. I had wanted to venture down to Jim ‘N Nicks, but Jason opted for a closer drive. I have been without a great barbecue place since our Thomas Pit closed. We enjoyed the drive together and the barbecue was pretty good.

Jackson wanted in on the picture action, so I snapped a picture of him tonight. He has been busy making lots of bands and decided to pose with all of them. He’s pretty proud of his hard work.

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