Our Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

I’m afraid that last year was our last “Easter Egg Hunt” at church. Joshua and Abby Kate did not feel like hunting eggs again and so Jackson decided that he was “too old” also. For the past several years, we have had a money egg hunt at our house that our kids have loved. This year I wanted to try something new because we were g0ing to have all of the cousins together. I read about a Reverse Easter Egg Hunt on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

Here’s what we did….

Our three children paired up with their cousins. Each group got an egg and a list of places/items that they had to find to take a picture of  with their egg. I texted out the list of all the places/things they all needed to grab a picture of with their egg. We set a 20 minute timer on everyone’s phones and they all took off. The girls paired up together and Jason offered to be their driver. Jackson and Micah paired up and took off on bikes. Ethan and Joshua paired up and Richard drove them.

Our Reverse Egg Hunt was a huge success! Everyone loved it and requested we do it next year (only on a bigger scale).

The Egg Hunters are ready to go!
I caught Jason taking this picture of Abby Kate and Hope for one of their pictures.
Jackson and Micah rode bikes.
Joshua rode with Uncle Richard and Ethan.
Micah and Jackson with their egg and a For Sale Sign.
Abby Kate and Hope on a set of stairs with their egg.
Joshua’s picture with a bird and his egg.
The Winners! Abby Kate and Hope were the first team back!

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