In Focus 145

Today has been a busy, but wonderful day! I started my PT and was pleased to have one of our ladies from church as my PT today. I have my list of exercises and plan to work on them each day. I’m hoping that I will be pain free soon. 

I also went to pick out my new phone this evening. Here’s a little known fact about me: I love having all of those little numbers beside apps gone. I try to clean out those numbers the minute they come up. Over the past several months, my phone has had lots of numbers because I was out of storage on my phone and couldn’t update anything. Jason and the kids bought me a new phone for Mother’s Day/Birthday and I finally had a little bit of time tonight to go and pick it out. I’ve never felt older…The salesman helping us was awesome. Thankfully Jason has restored everything to my phone and I am ready to go. 

We are almost out of school for the summer. It’s amazing how fast this year has gone. I’m so going to miss my sweet class. I’m excited about another fun and exciting summer with our kids. 

One thought on “In Focus 145

  1. Jason, Sunny and kids, how I love reading your blogs and enjoying every minute of your fun together. I see what so many other families miss by not being together and having the Father in their lives and that does make me sad, but then I just pray that there will be more time for them and they will one day realize how important the love of God is for them.

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