Celebrating Jackson!

Today we celebrated our Jackson’s 9th birthday.  I think we succeeded in spoiling him on this special day! Chocolate Chip Mickey Mouse Waffles, Bravo!, Presents, Cake, Singing, Movie, Popcorn, and lots of FUN! It is really hard to believe that the “baby of the family” is now NINE years old! Happy Birthday Jackson!

IMG_2742Jackson was anxious to open up his presents.

IMG_2743Silly boy!


IMG_2745Jackson loved hearing his Daddy’s words of praise.

IMG_2748This boy LOVES Beanie Boos!

"I</pHe got the Beanie Boo puppy from Joshua and the dragon from Abby Kate. Jackson bought the monkey with some of his birthday money yesterday.

IMG_2755Jackson has been wanting this for a long time! He was excited!

IMG_2757He’s been working on building this Command Shuttle all day.

IMG_2758Jackson was excited about his new Blade Builder Light Saber!

IMG_2765This cake makes me laugh. When I was ordering the cake yesterday, he wanted me to have it say “Happy 9th Birthday Jack Jack A Roo Roo!” We settled on “Jack Jack!” He’s too funny!

IMG_2767Jackson is ready to eat his cake!

IMG_2770We loved singing to Jackson!

IMG_2773Happy Birthday Jackson!

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