A Garden & A Stadium – Day 8

We set out to see the Garden of the Gods this morning since we did not get to see it like we had hoped yesterday. The Garden was not as crowded as it was yesterday, but we still had a hard time finding a parking spot. We set out to walk and explore the “Perkins Central Garden Trail.” We found lots of rocks to climb on and climb through. We had a really great time and got several good pictures. I’m glad that we took the time to come back through and explore the Gardens the way we had hoped.

After leaving Colorado Springs, we headed back to Denver. We were able to check into our hotel early and took advantage of the pool. It was a nice way to cool off from our morning.

We headed downtown around 4:00 pm to Coors Field. We knew when planning this trip that we wanted to catch a game, so we were excited to see a game here in Denver. We watched the Blue Jays take BP before heading to the Team Store for our keepsakes. For every stadium we visit, the boys get mini bats and Abby Kate gets a team ball. Jason and I get a magnet for our refrigerator. Coors Field marks my 20th current ballpark stadium that I have been to. Jason has been to one more than me (Arizona). This stadium brought the twins count up to 11 and Jackson’s count is at 9. I was really impressed with the stadium and our seats were great! We enjoyed watching the Rockies at Coors Field. There is also a really cool story about the ball Jackson was given. Make sure you give Jason’s post a read.

“Kissing Camels”
Garden of the Gods
Squeezing through a rock
Climbing rocks


“Three Graces”
“Three Graces”
Pikes Peak


We saw lots of rock climbers.


Coors Field
It was a great night for baseball!
Rockies vs. Blue Jays
Jackson with his ball (make sure you read the story)

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