In Focus 202

I have a little boy. And he loves messes. And he loves to have a messy room. 

Today, I decided to go in and reclaim this little boy’s room. And I spent a lot of hours in his room. I even found an entire load of laundry all throughout his room! 

As we were finishing up cleaning his room, he asked, “Mom, did you have a messy room when you were a child?” I answered, “No, I Ioved having a clean room. I would organize it and reorganize it all the time. Just for the fun of it! I love having things nice, neat, and orderly!” And then my son told me, “I love messes. I love having a messy room!” 

Oh the joys of living with this boy. For now, his room is clean. It’ll probably stay that way for tonight…

This was a few hours in to cleaning!

The sheets are clean. The room is clean. And all of the drawers and closet are clean (and organized).

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