In Perspective: Week Three

It is hard to believe that we are already in our 3rd week of the New Year. It feels like it has been longer than three weeks, but here we are. This week proved to be a busy one for our little family. The kids and I enjoyed Monday off in observation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. I was able to get caught up from my weekend of being gone and prepare for our full week. After Jason got off of work Monday afternoon, my mom (Thank you, Nana!) came over to the keep the kids while Jason and I headed over to the Space and Rocket Center. They were offering a free pass and a free guest pass for teachers and I was happy to take Jason. The Space and Rocket Center has been hosting an exhibit focusing on The Science of Archimedes for several months now. Jason has wanted to see this exhibit since it first opened and we finally had an opportunity to go and see it. We enjoyed our time at the Space and Rocket Center and ended our time there with a tour of the model of the International Space Station.

We just had to try on a toga and grab a picture.

I sure do love adventures with this man!
I was able to get in a few days of exercise this week. Joshua has loved coming up to the gym with me. He has so much energy and never tires. I had him pose for me on the night that I went to the gym with all of my boys. He sure does have some muscles!

Check out those muscles!
I can get pretty tickled with myself. This week proved no different. One afternoon while out on the playground I looked down and saw that I was wearing a blue sock with my black shoes. My shoes are just gorgeous, right? Ha! I go for comfort when at school on my feet for the majority of the day. Anyways, I got so tickled that I was wearing a blue sock with my black shoes and then I saw my right foot! It made me laugh even harder! I guess that I will take my socks into the bathroom when trying to get dressed in the morning to see. Like I said, it doesn’t take much to get me laughing.

Abby Kate had her 6 week follow up appointment to get her casts off this past Wednesday. It is really amazing how fast these past 6 weeks have gone by. We continue to be so proud of her and all the ways that she has persevered through this ordeal. She is one strong young lady and has not let anything discourage her. She was so excited to get her casts off and after several minutes of cutting, her feet were free. Walking has proved to be very challenging since having her casts off. However, she is just as determined to get around. This time around has been a bit harder, but she continues to keep her smile on her face and try harder.

Abby Kate was ready for those casts to come off!
Jason and I met some friends this week at a place called Local Taco. We shared a taco and some queso that night and absolutely loved it. We had to run some errands on Saturday and Jason asked where we wanted to eat lunch. I couldn’t resist the request for Local Taco! It did not disappoint. If you are local, you should try it out! I cannot wait to go back and try more.

Joshua had baseball practice Saturday and so after lunch, we ran over to Starbucks. I always love any chance to stop in for a drink. Due to an error with their computer system, the lady gave my drink to me for free! I love Starbucks, but I really love free Starbucks! We spent some time at Joshua’s baseball practice and afterwards ran over to Dick’s for new baseball cleats and a new wood bat for Joshua.

I stayed up a little too late this week to finish another book. I have started on another new book and hope to finish it this week. I really missed being at church last week due to the Girls Retreat, but was happy to be there this morning to hear another great sermon from Jason. I am so proud of the man that He is and how he allows God to use him. Joshua and Abby Kate attended a Harlem Globetrotters game with the youth group this afternoon and had a great time. I made my weekly run to the store and spent this afternoon and evening getting all of our fruits and veggies ready.

I love my little family and all of the fun things that we get to do. Some weeks are just ordinary and this week seemed to be a pretty ordinary one. We spent a lot of time at school, a lot of time at church, and a lot of time around the table as a family. And I am thankful!

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