In Perspective: Week Five

It has been a busy week for our family, but we have enjoyed our time together. I was able to get our breakfast and dinner menu ready for this month. I was really pleased with how my January calendar worked and this month’s menu planning was much easier. I did realize that I needed to allow a little more flexibility to our calendar, so I tried to do that for this month. I do not think we were able to save any money, but I am thankful that I did not have to devote time every week trying to figure out what we were going to eat. I still had to go to the store each week, but that is a sacrifice I was willing to make to make sure we had fresh produce, bread, milk, and eggs.

I did find time to finish another book this week – my total is up to five books. Abby Kate was able to stop using the walker this week and is getting around pretty well now. We started a new Wednesday night parenting series this past week. We also started a new series at church today on the gospel of John. I am looking forward to learning more in these new series at church.

Joshua had a lot of baseball practice this week as he prepared to play for his 6th grade school team and is continuing to prepare for his travel ball season. It made for long days and lots of travel throughout town. Yesterday, he played in his first game. It was so cold outside, but there was no other place that I would rather be. Joshua hit a home run at his first at bat. I was beyond excited for him and he was so proud! He played 2 games yesterday and we had a game this afternoon. He pitched today and looked great out on the mound. He pitched 4 innings and struck out 9 players. Joshua has always loved the game of baseball and can never get enough of it. I will always be his biggest cheerleader in the stands.

Our breakfast and dinner menu for February
These two are always getting on my camera. I always get a laugh when looking at what they have done.
These moments melt my heart.
I love that Abby Kate leaves me notes in my classroom. This one was on my board.
Joshua is excited to be playing on the 6th grade team for his school.
Joshua hit an over the fence home run at his first at bat of the season!
I love watching my favorite pitcher.
Joshua pitched a great game He struck out 9 players in 4 innings.
He loves this game and I love watching him play.

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