In Perspective: Week Seven

This week has passed quickly. Jackson and I made our way to PetSmart Monday night and bought a new fish (Carrie Fisher). Unfortunately, we found Carrie and Molly dead in our aquarium when we returned home from school Tuesday afternoon. Jackson is down to 2 fish now (Snowflake and Oreo). We’ve had these 2 fish since the beginning of our aquarium days and we are hoping that they continue to make it.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. We had to take our fish back to PetSmart and decided to wait a little while longer before adding any more fish to our little world. Losing 3 fish in a matter of a few days was pretty traumatic. We took the kids to Shaggy’s for dinner and then on to see The Lego Batman movie. We had a great time and always love a family date night!

Joshua visited his endocrinologist and left with a wonderful report. Since September, Joshua has gained 8 pounds and grew an inch. It is hard to believe that we’ve been making these trips to Birmingham for nearly 10 years. Our little 2 pound guy has done so well over! Jackson also followed up with our doctor and got his stitches removed. He’s happy to have that over with and is still not planning to go anywhere near his pocket knives.

Our weekend was filled with more baseball. Joshua plays his last regular season game this Thursday night. I love watching him play and he is eager to begin playing in tournaments with his travel ball team next month. He pitched 5 innings (in 2 games yesterday) and ended up striking out 10 batters! We all love cheering him on!

We were supposed to go for one night on our Junior High Family Retreat Friday night. Unfortunately I came home Friday with a horrible migraine headache. I felt so bad for the remainder of the day after sleeping off some of the pain. I hate that we missed this special time, but I know there will be more retreats and youth events in our future.

We are looking forward to our day off tomorrow! My cinnamon rolls are rising in the oven and we cannot wait for breakfast!

Some special gifts for our 3 Valentines
Dinner at Shaggy’s
My favorite pitcher

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