In Perspective: Week Eight

This was a pretty normal week for us. Nothing big or crazy happened, so I am thankful for that. Joshua finished up his last game of 6th grade baseball. He is looking forward to playing in his first tournament of the travel ball season this weekend. I plan on working on our March breakfast and dinner calendar this week. It is so crazy to think that we are already in the 3rd month of this calendar year.

I did begin crocheting a scarf and I loved it. I am almost finished with it. All of the kids have requested that I make them blankets. Maybe if I get started now, I’ll be finished by the time they get ready to leave the nest. Seriously, I love that they instantly wanted me to make them something. Jackson has already picked out his yarn and I plan on starting some time this week.

I watched a video about the best eggs on the market. I think the “pasture raised” eggs are ranked the best (if not fresh). I decided to give it a try this week.
I love getting special drinks from my parents at school!
Glasses swap! Haha!
Anytime this sweet girl picks up my phone, she always takes a picture. So I always post them.

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