In Perspective: Week Ten

We started out our week with a trip to our doctor’s office Monday afternoon. Jackson was treated for strep and then pink eye on Tuesday. Needless to say, I made a lot of trips to our pharmacy. I stayed home with Jackson on Tuesday and we were both back to school on Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn’t not feel well by Wednesday afternoon, but a little rest helped me out.

Joshua had a hitting and pitching lesson Thursday night. Joshua told his hitting coach that he was excited about going home to eat his mom’s meatball subs. I started making these a little over year ago. They are a big hit around the house. I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s blog.

We had our Fun Run this past Friday. I could barely get Joshua to stop for a picture. He ended up running 53 laps. Abby Kate walked 31 laps, as she is still not been released to run. I was proud of her for getting out there and walking. Joshua and Abby Kate ran their last Fun Run!

I still remember cheering them on at their first one 10 years ago. These years really are flying by!

Joshua’s 1st Fun Run April 2008
Abby Kate’s Fun Run April 2008

We went to cheer on the Havoc Friday night. It had been awhile since we all went to a game and we definitely had a fun time! There were a lot of fights, so the kids really enjoyed that.

Joshua can never get enough baseball. I found Jason outside catching Joshua.

One of our elders, Mr. Vernon, took Jason and the boys fishing yesterday. It was a very cold day, but the boys had a great time. They caught a lot of fish and cannot wait to go back.

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