In Perspective: Week Eleven

What a wonderful (but cold) week we had for Spring Break. We spent the first part of the week in Gatlinburg and had a very relaxing time. We got h0me in time for some baseball practice for Joshua Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running.

Abby Kate and I were able to spend some extra time together Friday afternoon. I thought that her PT appointment was at 12:30 that afternoon, so we arrived a little before. Unfortunately I was wrong on my time. I was an hour late to her appointment. As we were leaving she told me, “Mom, you are so much better than this!” I have to admit, I was pretty embarrassed. We made the most of our time and had lunch together, made a stop at Starbucks, and ran some other errands around town.

We met up with the boys after picking Sadie up from boarding and her day of grooming. We decided to walk the greenway and had a great time. The weather was so nice and the walk did us all good.

On Saturday, we headed out to the ball field. Joshua played in his second tournament of the season. We did not advance to the final game, but we did see some great baseball from Joshua. He had a great 2nd game, hitting his 3rd home run of the season and pitching a great 3 innings.

We are getting ready for our day back to school tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of this school year. We are feeling refreshed and ready to finish this school year strong.

Walking on the greenway with my sweet girl.
I always love a fire on cool evenings.
This sweet girl was missed so much! She was pretty worn out Friday night.
Homerun ball #3 for the Spring 2017 Season
I love watching my favorite pitcher! He pitched for 3 innings, struck out 4, and got the win.

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